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  • Nintendo SWITCH Crash Bandicoot Future Tense

    I’ve been following the news on the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy game that is coming out on June 29th. What I just learned is that there is a whole new level coming to the game called the Future Tense Level. This is crazy cool news and you have to check out the trailer for the level. It aired at E3.

    The full press release for the game can be found below.

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  • Lotor and the Paladins of Voltron

    Voltron Legendary Defender is my second favorite animated show on Netflix at this point. The top honors go to Trollhunters. That show just has an amazing amount of heart and visually incredible. Voltron Legendary Defender is also visually strong but in other ways. The action scenes are incredible and I love the voice work of the cast. Season 6 is a turning point for the series and there are some major revelations going on. I can’t really get into it but the paladins of Voltron are now working with the Galra and Prince Lotor. This is huge! This season we learn a bunch of things about Prince Lotor and not all of them are good. We do learn that he had a nanny growing up and Hunk decides that he wants to learn more about the Galra and so he asks the Nanny to teach him.

    Even Lotor was once a child! Meet the woman who helped raise him and watch Lance bask in his embarrassment! read more!

  • Andrew and the Mpie Ambulance

    We received a copy of the mPie set from Microduino to play with and review. We did not keep this toy when we were finished with our review. Opinions are 100% our own.

    I’m always looking for fun STEM projects to do with the kids. When I find those that can also incorporate LEGO and other building bricks then I am even more excited. I was offered the opportunity to review the mPie kit from Microduino. Here is the official description of the product.

    mPie: A good transition kit that moves from the basics of circuitry and hardware components of its predecessor mPuzzle, to initial concepts of coding. Using mPie’s components, children will discover ‘hardware coding’ which helps visualize the logical order of things in a physical way. The mPie lessons link concepts between physical and virtual. The projects in mPie increase in their complexity to form the basis that the sequence of things is vital and when not successfully ordered leads to the start of problem identification and solving. 7+, $99 read more!

  • Eva - Dance Productions Recital  2018

    Today was Eva’s seventh Dance Productions Recital. She has really come a long way in her lifetime as a dancer. Her confidence and poise has increased as has her skill.

    The recital today was the 10th anniversary of Dance Productions and it was a nice celebration. We were joined by Mom and Dad and today was their 45th wedding anniversary. They celebrated with a dinner out to the Blackington Inn.

    We went out to House of Fortune because that was Eva’s choice and eating there after the recital has become a bit of a yearly tradition. Dinner was great and then we came home so I could get a couple of hours of sleep before heading to work.

  • Disceez LEGO Flyer

    Worx Toys sent me a sample Disceez to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

    I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve had this toy in my possession for quite a while and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to open it up. When Worx pitched me on the toy I was excited because there are a ton of great designs and I immediately saw the brick design that would be perfect to talk about on Built from Bricks. The design is actually called Play Well and it has a rarity level of low. These are collectibles. There are 24 designs in the first year’s wave and next year they will be retired and there will be 24 more new ones. These are actually affordable to collect at $6 each. Taking a look at (Affiliate Link) I see that they are actually up in price because they are collectible.

    Regardless of how collectible they are their play-ability is excellent. These are 13cm soft flexible flying discs that are safe for impact indoors and out. You can squish it up and put it into your pocket to take it anywhere. Just like you see in my video below.

    @disceez are soft and portable. So fun to throw. #ad

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