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  • Using the ASUS MeMO Pad 7

    #spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

    The Asus MeMo tablet has become part of our life now. We’ve had it only for a short time, a little over a month now, but it has completely replaced the way m daughter listens to music each night. We used to have an old iPod Touch and a radio with a dock for it, then the dock stopped working so we would play it through the auxiliary jack, this added another wire and another charging plug to the room. Now we are back to one wire that charges and powers the tablet. Now with a slim new one of the Intel Tablets Eva can easily start her music each night before she goes to sleep.

    The tablet is also a source for other entertainment as well. When the kids couldn’t decide upon a show to watch the other night Eva let Andrew have his choice and said that she could watch her choice on her tablet. she went up and got her tablet and brought it down to watch a show on Disney Channel through the app on the tablet. Crisis and a lot of crying diverted. Plus, she didn’t stay up in her room to watch it so she was still with the family.

    Eva has also been using her tablet to write stories, take photos and work on a fashion app from Crayola. She can draw in her fashion book, take an image of her designs and see 3D models wearing those designs. I love how she can use her creativity with her technology.

    Long car trips have been better overall because when Eva gets bored with the drive she has the independence to entertain herself with music, drawing, or games. I enjoy that because I don’t get melted crayons in the car.

    The most important thing that this tablet has added to our lives is a platform that both Eva and I can use together to cultivate her curiosity in technology and not a reliance on it. I am convinced that with parental guidance our children will have an advantage because they can use and understand technology. That starts with technology which they have ownership of. Also, with so many games and apps being integrated with tablets she won’t miss out on something amazing.

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  • Photo-A-Day #3461

    As I was watching TV tonight I kept looking at one of our Perplexus puzzles. It is a maze in a ball that you have to try and get a tiny ball bearing to go through many obstacles. I kept looking at it and thinking, that would be a fun thing to shoot with my macro lens. It would be tough because the outside of the toy is a clear plastic ball. So there is a very soft look to this image because of that. It is also hard to get in and take a macro of something inside something else that is curved. So I tried and this was what I ended up with.

  • Skylanders Playdate

    Skylanders Trap Team is being released on Sunday October 5th. This is the fourth iteration of the Skylanders Franchise. There are over sixty new figures that will be released and also 40+ villains that can be trapped into Traptanium Crystals and so you are going to need a mess of those as well. This release will be pretty involved and you may have some questions regarding the release. I’m here to help you keep everything straight and not miss out on anything. There is still time to get in on some great pre-order deals and I don’t want to see you miss out. So I am giving you 10 things that you must know before Skylanders Trap Team is released on October 5, 2014. read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3460

    I just completed writing a post for Cooper and Kid that will go up on Tuesday. One of the things that is pretty nice about Disney Infinity is that there are crossover characters. Disney Infinity 2.0 could call itself truly “Infinite” if every single Marvel character was a crossover character. For that matter every single Disney Infinity character should be able to play in every Play Set. That is my one major complaint with Disney Infinity, the limited-ness of the game. While there have been improvements to the game it could be so much more.

  • A brand new clip from ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY has been released. The movie is a mere two weeks away and when it is released it will be one amazing family movie. I saw it a few months ago and it was hilarious and fun. It is a pure fun family movie. I did not see anything in the movie that the whole family couldn’t see together and enjoy. Take a look at this clip of one moment from Alexander’s Brother’s very bad day.


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