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  • Splatoon 2 Global Testfire
    Photo-A-Day #4364

    One of our family’s favorite games on the Wii U is Splatoon. Well on The Nintendo Switch we are going to be getting Splatoon 2 to play. It is still about a month away but today (3/24/17), tomorrow (3/25/17) and Sunday (3/26/17) players will have a chance to participate in an ink-redible event, here the top 5 things you should do:

    1. DOWNLOAD THE FREE DEMO: Just head to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and download the Global Testfire demo before playing. It won’t cost you any snails.

    2. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: With ink, of course. Here are the times you can play to get tentacle-on time with Splatoon 2 before it launches:
    March 24: 12-12:59 p.m. PT
    March 24: 8-8:59 p.m. PT
    March 25: 4-4:59 a.m. PT
    March 25: 12-12:59 p.m. PT
    March 25: 8-8:59 p.m. PT
    March 26: 4-4:59 a.m. PT

    Nintendo Treehouse was livestreaming Splatoon 2 gameplay during the first Global Testfire event on March 24 between noon and 12:59 p.m. PT. Tune in to to watch!

    3. IN THE LAB OR ON-THE-GO: With the first Splatoon game, you had to conduct important cephalopod research from the comfort of your own lab. But with Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch, you can take the messy action anywhere you go that has a Wi-Fi connection. Maybe you want to choose an untraditional location to participate in the Global Testfire. It’s up to you!

    4. GET PRIMED WITH A CONTROL & WEAPON OVERVIEW: Research can be conducted with either a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Con controllers. Splat Dualies are a new weapon type, while mainstays like the Splat Roller and Splat Charger have been remixed to allow for new battle strategies.

    5. CAPTURE YOUR RESEARCH: An important step in the scientific method is to make observations. We recommend capturing your findings with the Capture button on the Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, then later sharing it with your peers in the scientific community (or if you’re like our intern, use Facebook or Twitter). When publishing your research, please use the octothorp symbol (#) followed by “Splatoon2” or “Testfire.”

  • Loot Crate March 2017 Primal

    The other night when I was filming Built from Bricks with Brian he agreed to help me unbox the latest Loot Crate. We were also testing the lights in his studio. I have to say, we are a bit washed out at parts but we’ll figure out how to get it all done right. Always a work in progress and a learning curve to be had. We’ll get it all figured out. the thing is, I have to switch the settings on the camera every time and some times it doesn’t come out perfect. I’m always learning and man am I making mistakes. When I shoot Brian for his City Updates I’m behind the camera and have control. when I shoot my own stuff I’m there in front of the camera hoping for the best.

    Let’s get to the crate. This was the Primal Loot Crate for March 2017. It was filled with exclusive items from Wolverine, Overwatch, Jurassic World & Predator.

    Brian and I are from the 80’s so we may have been seriously out of touch and showing our age when we unbox the t-shirt. Watch out!

    Now that March’s crate unboxed, I wanted to bring to your attention the new theme reveal for April: INVESTIGATE

    This exciting theme features loot from franchises such as:

    Loot Crate:

    Loot Crate DX:

    As always, this crate is on sale until the 19th, at 9:00p PST.

    I am an Affiliate for Loot Crate and you can order Loot Crate through my link and use the promo code BENSPARK for a discount.

  • Brian from Built From Bricks
    Photo-A-Day #4363

    Every Thursday I head over to my friend Brian’s house. For a while we were filming a show called SteamDads. It was a science based show that we enjoyed at first but really ran out of steam once we stopped coming up with experiments and ideas. It was fun to shoot but took a long time and didn’t really find much of an audience.

    Brian asked me if I wanted to help him out and film an episode of his show, Built from Bricks. I agreed and it has been fun ever since. We’ve done all sorts of shows. The most popular show has been the City Updates. Brian has such a cool LEGO City being built in his garage. Each week he has something new happening and it is awesome. Tonight we shot a whole behind the scenes video that included a studio tour. The photo from today was what I shot for our Thumbnail for the episode. You can watch it below. If you haven’t already, please subscribe. We are closing in on 100 subscribers and when that happens we are going to do a big giveaway.

    Brian even agreed to help me out with an episode of Big Damn Kid. I’m looking forward to going to Philly Brickfest Live with him in April. I think people are going to love the MOCS he made for his LEGO City.

  • Peppy Pup Scruffy

    We received a Peppy Pups from TPF Toys for free to try out and review a while back. Opinions of the toy are 100% our own.

    This is an adorable little toy dog. It has spring legs and hard paws with special paw pads that let the dog bounce, waddle and prance along like a hyper happy little puppy would. The rest of the puppy is soft and cuddly. I got one of these for my son Andrew, he loves animals, especially dogs. He is so kind with them. Listening to him play with his new pet, Scruffy, was very special. He took Scruffy to a Dog Park upstairs. I could hear him talking with his friend and his friend’s dogs, too. Andrew loved talking Scruffy for “walks”, too. But as you can see in the video, his favorite thing was to share snacks.

    Why are we talking about Peppy Pups from TPF Toys again? Well, today is National Puppy Day and I wanted to let parents know that there is an alternative out there that will delight their kids. More info below.

    read more!

  • The Turtle Brothers
    Photo-A-Day #4362

    I got another new shirt for Philly Brick Fest Live in April. It is of Optimus Prime assembling a truck in LEGO form. It is called Autoblox. I also found some Transformers socks, one pair does not fit, though. It is weird that one pair fits fine and the other is too small.

    I picked up some new cardboard for backdrops, too. I want to make sure that my photos get the best quality possible. I may have to get some more lights so that lights are up around all sides of my mini studio. But first, I really need to take a bunch of cardboard and cut up my Skylanders boxes to make a physical backdrop for the show. That is what I need to get done, or I can look into painting the pink wall green-screen green. I’m not sure how that would work. I have lots of ideas but little time to execute on all of them.