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  • Dragon, April's Loot Crate

    I love dragons and I was so excited for this month’s Loot Crate. It was filled with Dragon related goodness. Some of the items included were a Game of Thrones blind bag figure from Funko and Dragon Jerky. There was even a Skyrim inspired exclusive figure called The Nord, probably my favorite part of this crate.

    The Nord a Loot Crate Exclusive Figure

    I was impressed by how many Loot Crate themed items were in the crate this month including a stress ball 20 sided die, the Dragon Jerky and The Nord. Loot Crate is certainly improving the overall value of each and every Crate.

  • Today was a get things done sort of day. I went out and tackled 85% of the garage. I just didn’t have time to tackle the back shelves. Partly because I ran out of time and partly because I was not looking forward to what sort of presents I would find from the field mice that have made their homes in the garage. I did get the bulk of the garage cleaned out including recycling all the boxes that had accumulated there all Winter and we also moved out the two dressers that we got from Allison’s grandparents.

    The kids got their new dressers and I got a clean garage. I even switched the windows from Winter to Spring. Let’s hope that Spring is actually here to stay.

    My dad came over to give me a hand moving the dressers into the house. He also fixed one of the middle runners on Eva’s dresser drawer. Andrew loves spending time with my dad and he got right in there to “help”. Dad is very patient with Andrew, more patient than I am these days. Andrew’s idea of helping was to pour out all the finish nails so that Grandfather could get to them easier. He did help in other ways like carry in some pliers, he was very proud of that. He does love to help.

  • The Big Rig

    We were sent a copy of The Big Rig to read and review. Opinions of the book are 100% our own.

    As you know we have a rambunctious little 2 1/2 year old boy. He loves climbing things and having fun, saying words and making loud noises. I thought The Big Rig would be a perfect book for Andrew because it is about an 18 wheeler named Frankie who travels the country hauling freight. What little kid can resist giant 18 wheelers.

    To me, you could drop Frankie right into the Cars universe. He’s got that same look. The book is filled with all sorts of trucker lingo and some great words that make big sounds when you say them correctly. The sound of windshield wipers in the rain, a tire blowout, the Jake brake and of course the horn of and 18 wheeler. I have so much fun reading the story to Andrew and really playing up those sounds.

    The book is beautifully illustrated, easy to read and fun. I’ve made that a part of our nighttime routine, so each night we haul freight with Frankie. read more!

  • On the first day of Spring Break for Eva we went for a fun family walk around the La Salette Shrine trails. We decided to do the long loop, the Oak Forest Loop. For the most part the kids were good for this walk. Andrew was melty and tired so he was a bit cranky and didn’t want Allison to carry him and then he did and he wanted nothing to do with me at all. Eva put on her cruise director hat and decided that she was the tour guide who knew everything about the trail. I appreciate that she is so independently spirited and smart but sometimes I just want to walk in the woods. read more!

  • Wearing the Metra Diaper Bag

    I was sent a J J Cole Collections Metra diaper bag to try out and review. Opinions of the bag are 100% my own.

    Off the bat I am not one to take a lot of clutter with me. When I’m going on an outing with my son then I take just what we need and that’s it. Our other diaper bag is full of things that we may occasionally need but the Metra bag was for me so I loaded it just with the things that I felt I needed for a quick trip to the park or the zoo. So basically some diapers, wipes, sippy cup and snack trap plus my camera. I could fit way more stuff in the bag but I didn’t need it. read more!

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