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  • Pinkalicious and Peterrific
    Photo-A-Day #4693

    Back when I attended the PBS Annual Meeting I got a sneak peek at the upcoming PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC show for PBS Kids. This is a show based on the characters created by Victoria Kann and her best selling Pinkalicious series. I was excited about it because we used to read Pinkalicious to Eva when she was younger. We also read it to Andrew who enjoyed the antics of Pinkalicious’ little brother, Peterrific. As a parent of a couple of very creative kids who are very much like Pinkalicious and Peterrific it was a great series to read. The new show will premiere on PBS Kids on Monday February 19th.

    While Eva is a little bit too old for the series I learned that Andrew was a big fan. He’s been watching them on the PBS Kids app on his iPad. I like that he’s found something like this show instead of something mindless on YouTube. The new show encourages kids to engage in the creative arts and self-expression, covering areas such as music, dance and visual arts – all proven to strengthen children’s cognitive and emotional skills and help them learn more effectively.

    Both of the kids are very expressive and creative. Seeing a show that celebrates those qualities is very essential. PBS Kids sent us a care package with some fun items inside to help kick off the new show. they included a copy of the book, Peterrific and also Pinkadoodles, a doodle book that encourages creativity. However, you don’t need one of these books to celebrate the premiere of the show. There are some great craft and party ideas that I can share with you.

    • Bake a batch of perfect Pinkalicious Cupcakes – don’t forget the sprinkles!
    • Grab your kazoo and play a game of Musical Cupcakes by replacing chairs with a drawing of a Pinkalicious cupcake
    • Play a game of Pinkalicious Bingo with printable and downloadable caller cards and game boards
    • For additional pinkatastic PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC activities, click here.
  • Black Panther LEGO Sets
    Photo-A-Day #4692

    I went to see Black Panther this morning. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie. I’ve wanted to know more about this character since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Black Panther was an electric character and stole many great moments in the movie. There were some fantastic action sequences that were really intense. So, I wanted to see more.

    Before I hit the movie, though I put together one of the Black Panther LEGO Sets. I put it together live on an episode of Built from Bricks. Brian was off traveling the country and exploring caves but he did have time to pop in to the chat room. However, for some reason the chat does not show up on the video. I set it up and for some reason it didn’t work live. You can see the video below.

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  • Steampunk Hidden Mickey
    Photo-A-Day #4691

    During Disney Social Media Moms Celebration there is an event with all the influencers on the Disney Dream. We were told that we should show off our best Disney Bounding during the event. I did not know what that was prior to a week ago. So I went out and get together an outfit inspired by the legendary Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Actually, that is untrue.

    I went out to get together an outfit based on Rocket Raccoon but it has evolved into one for Star-Lord.

    As the days have gotten closer to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I have been thinking about other things that I can do to make my outfit even better. Well, I went and ordered a bunch of bronze colored gears that can be used to make things look a little more SteamPunk. I also went and ordered a part of the outfit that was just another idea of mine and I decided that to enhance it I would create a SteamPunk Hidden Mickey on that last piece. I hope that everyone enjoys it when they see it.

  • Getting Ready for Black Panther
    Photo-A-Day #4690

    The Built from Bricks Livestream has been a bit sparse lately. Either I have been unavailable or Brian has. Last week I was missing because I took Allison to that surprise Ellis Paul concert. Now, this week Brian is off road tripping and exploring caves with his son. So, instead of just taking a week of from the Livestream I decided that I have those new Black Panther LEGO sets that I should do a livestream myself with those. I think that it will be fun to talk about the upcoming movie and give me an excuse to actually build the sets. I’ve been waiting for a while to do this, too.

    So, tune in on Thursday night at 6pm for the show.

  • Prince Lotor

    Can Prince Lotor be trusted. He wants to bring down his father, Lord Zarok and mother, the witch, Haggar. Spoiled anything for you yet? I hope not. I hope that you have watched seasons 3 and 4 already because a lot has gone down to get us to this place. Zarkon is back and powerful once again. Prince Lotor wants to combine the might of his forces with those of the paladins of Voltron. But can he be trusted?

    Watch the trailer below to see what is coming from this new exciting season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The episodes drop on March 2. There will be six episodes. I really wish that there were going to be more. I want more Voltron because the story is so good, and the action is awesome! Check it out in the season 5 trailer below to see what I’m talking about.

    Wasn’t that cool? I predict that there will be a tenuous truce between Lotor and the Voltron Coalition. They will work together for a bit, there will be trust issues, misunderstandings and accusations of nefarious behavior. However, I don’t think the truce will last as Lotor has ambitions that do not jibe with Team Voltron. We shall see.

    Pidge and Matt

    I know someone who is not a fan of Prince Lotor. Pidge will not trust him and will try everything that she can to dissuade the team from working with him. This may have to do with the initial disappearance of her brother Matt. I am glad that she has finally found him. I do love the backstory that we are exploring with the characters a bit at a time. Voltron is easily one of my top favorite shows that I have seen in a while. Season five looks to be really action packed, too.


    So the question is ‘Do The Paladins Make A Deal With The Devil in Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 Trailer?’

    Tell me, do you thnk they should trust Lotor? read more!