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  • Dory's ParentsFinding Dory came out last week but it wasn’t until this past Thursday that we were able to go and see it as a family. No early bird screenings for us for this one. Too much going on. On Thursday we took Andrew and Eva to see Finding Dory and they both loved it. When the movie was over Andrew had like fifteen favorite parts but his ultimate favorite was the “cuddle party!” and he is so cute when he says it, too. The kids also loved Baby Dory. She was adorable! Here’s a clip.

    I can certainly identify with her parents. Sometimes I think that the kids have short term “selective” memory loss. They can’t seem to remember things that I tell them all the time. I also think that our house generates pencils. No matter how many I pick up and put away there is always at least one to be found out on the floor.

    Baby Dory

    For me, I think that Hank was my favorite character but the part that really got me in the gut was Dory’s parents. There is a moment in the film that shows their dedicate to their daughter that is so loving and also so heartbreaking. I don’t want to give anything away, but it is really good. I enjoyed the film a whole lot.

    In addition to the clip of Baby Dory I also have some recipes and party signs that you can download. There are some cute ideas for you to make things with your little ones. Just click the image to download the file.

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  • Old Han Solo vs Young Han Solo
    Photo-A-Day #4091

    I picked up some Star Wars Hot Wheels cars the other day and with them I found Old Han Solo, or rather the Han Solo from The Force Awakens. This new vehicle looks very similar to the old one except for many changes that have occured which I point out in the video below. The Old Han Solo car is actually a different mold than the Young Han Solo. At first glance they look the same but there are differences.

    I also got a few other characters, some from The Force Awakens, some from the prequels and some from the Clone Wars and the original trilogy. There is still an Old Chewbacca version out there but I am not sure if there is much difference from the younger Chewbacca car that I already have. I guess I’ll have to pick it up to confirm.

  • Oh Snap Pickles
    Photo-A-Day #4090

    I found these pickles at Target. I had never seen them before but was looking for something good to snack on at work. I got this as well as some baby carrots and a few other things. The pickles are really delicious. I will try out some of the other flavors soon?

    Today was a work day and we weeded about 75% of the garden. We got to it as early as we can before it got too hot. I’ll have to go back and finish up the rest of the weeding as soon as I have a morning get it done.

    Today was also the first day in a very long time when I had the opportunity to sleep for a few hours. I just lay there in bed and could not sleep at all. I worked hard and slept poorly but still couldn’t get any more sleep.

    When I woke up Allison was giving Andrew his new knit narwhal. He loves narwhals and asked Allison to make him one. They went through the colors of yarn and he picked purple. He also picked a sparkly white yarn for the horn. He loves it very much. Allison continues to create so many great knit items for everyone.

    We then went to our friends house to go swimming and enjoy some delicious pizza. The kids had a great time. We did as well. It is always fun to spend time with our friends. They are always great hosts.

  • kidpik pink dress
    Photo-A-Day #4089

    We were provided with a kidpik box to try out and review for free in exchange for an honest review.

    It was an exciting day for Eva today. The kidpik box that we ordered a while back arrived and we unboxed it today so that she could try on all the fun items found within. We also made a video and the first half is recreating what we did initially to order the kidpik box from Here is our unboxing video and below that are some images of Eva wearing the great clothes that were in the box.

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  • Skylanders SuperChargers McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
    Photo-A-Day #4088

    Activision sent me a set of the new Skylanders SuperChargers Happy Meal Toys to unbox and show you. I had already gotten Spitfire and Hot Streak back a few days ago. Andrew and I went to McDonald’s to play and also to tire him out and since it was the start of the Skylanders SuperChargers promotion I made sure to get myself a Happy Meal as well.

    This time around there are six toys to collect. The characters are Spitfire, Shark Shooter Terrafin, Hurricane Jet-vac, Nightfall, Deep Dive Gill Grunt and Bone Bash Roller Brawl in their respective vehicles. These toys also come with stickers to attach to the toys. The stickers also have character stickers and each character comes with a Spitfire Skylanders Battle Casters Card that you can use to scan and see in 3D. They also have little McDonald’s medallions that can be used in the McDonald’s app.

    Here is my unboxing or rather unbagging of the toys.