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  • Doctor Strange Poster

    Amazing, Astonishing, Incredible and Mind Bending are terms that you will hear around the upcoming Marvel movie, DOCTOR STRANGE. I’ve watched the trailer a few times now and it looks sensational. Benedict Cumberbatch looks fantastic as DOCTOR Stephen Strange. I’m also very interested in another Benedict, Benedict Wong who plays Wong in the movie. I’ve been watching Marco Polo and love his work as Kublai Khan. It would be amazing if I was able to get into a room with each of these men and talk with them. I’d have to work on the best questions to ask them. I’d also like to see what they were like on the other side of the lens.

    In front of the lens they are excellent actors. I cannot wait to see them breathe life into these characters. Take a look at the trailer below to get a sneak peek.

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    DOCTOR STRANGE opens in theatres everywhere on November 4th!

  • Front Porch Sitting
    Photo-A-Day #4121

    I was at the Cape today. I had gone down yesterday after we returned from New Hampshire. Allison and I flew home, packed quickly and headed to the Cape as quickly as we could. We went there to visit my grandfather who was in the ICU at Cape Cod Hospital. I needed to get there to see him before I left for a week to California. He was certainly in a feisty mood when we got there. He’s a fighter.

    So, I was there this morning with the kids before Eva left for her first day of Science school. I read her another chapter of Harry Potter. She loves that book so much and I’m happy to read it to here anytime. She and Allison will finish it this week and start the second book. I hope that they wait for me to watch the movie.

    I headed home early so that I could get ready for my trip. I stopped along the way at Betty Ann’s Dairy Freeze and got myself a Hot Fudge Sundae for National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

    Today is National #HotFudgeSundaeDay I don't go traditional. I mix it up. Celebrate your own way. #tw

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    When I got home I packed up for the trip and caught up on a few of my blog posts and videos from the past few days. I had a lot to catch up on before heading out. I also caught up on a whole bunch of my TV shows.

  • Pete and Elliot

    We are looking forward to Pete’s Dragon. The original is Allison’s favorite movie and I hope that the reimagining of this story is equally as important to her and also to my children. I seem to recall that the original was one of the first movies that I saw in a theater when I was three years old. I hope that the kids are in as much wonder at this dragon as I was with the original animated Elliot.

    I have an activity packet for you to download. It is full of some great activities for you to do with your kids. Much of it is about the importance of imaginative play.


    The movie does not come out for a few week yet but I do have these couple of clips and more after the jump that you can watch.

    Elliot the dragon

    “Elliot Takes Pete for a Ride”

    “I’m Out in Those Woods Every Day”

    PETE’S DRAGON flies into theatres everywhere on August 12th!

    More about Pete’s Dragon below. read more!

  • Justin Time Go

    Netflix has been our go to source of entertainment for a while now. I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and this is a post on their behalf. I wrote one each month around a specific theme and because I write mostly about the kids shows. The theme this month is “I Learned it on Netflix”. There are so many things that the kids have learned from Netflix and the great shows that they are watching. They are watching quite a few of them and are picking up some great information.

    Andrew is a huge fan of shows like Justin Time and the new Justin Time Go. I’m not sure if he learned this bit of information from that show or not but one day out of nowhere he busts out the knowledge of being able to tell the difference between Stalagmites and Stalactites. He got very excited when he was describing them as seen in the animated gif below.

    The kids both love the ocean and because of that they enjoy Octonauts. They use that knowledge when they are on Cape Cod. They are always telling me new and exciting things that they learned.

    Now Eva, she is also learning as much as she can about cooking and baking because she has the the dream of opening her own sweet shoppe someday. So shows like Chef’s Table and Kids Baking Championships.

    She sees that kids are able to do amazing things with food and she continues to learn as much as she can. She is also learning more and more about science so she’s excited about shows like ODD SQUAD and Project Mc2. Learning about time zones and gravity and other concepts of Science.

    read more!

  • July 2015 Loot Crate Futuristic
    Photo-A-Day #4120

    I received my latest Loot Crate the other day and finally got a chance to unbox it. I receive a Loot Crate box every month for free to unbox and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

    The July Loot Crate theme is Futuristic and it was packed with some amazing things. There were items from MegaMan, Futurama, Rick and Morty, Star Trek and Valiant Comics. There were some great figures and also a super cool ship to display. I’m not a Rick and Morty fan but the tshirt is cool for anyone who is a fan. My full report on them is in the unboxing video below. I hope that you like it.