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  • We still have not gotten a chance to see this movie and I am dying to see it. Big Hero 6 is a story I know I will love. Did you see it? Let me know.

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    More about the Big Hero 6 movie. read more!

  • Sonic Boom Games

    I was sent copies of the two brand new Sonic Boom games. Opinions of the games are 100% my own.

    I’ve been looking forward to the new Sonic Boom games for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. These games are part of an entire media franchise around Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks. Each game lets you team up with these pals and find your way through a larger world. I’ll discuss each game separately although they have a connection to each other. You can actually connect the 3DS game to the Wii U game and when you do certain things on the 3DS games it unlocks things on the Wii U game. That is a fun little connection between the games. read more!

  • Eva and the Sweet Beats Dolls

    Last Monday Eva was home sick from school so we played with a bunch of toys for review including the Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Beats dolls and the the Stage Playset. These products were provided to us and opinions of those products are 100% our own.

    I saw these Strawberry Shortcake dolls on my last trip to the Time to Play Holiday Showcase. Eva enjoys the Strawberry Shortcake television show and I figured that she would enjoy these dolls as well. We received the Sweet Beats Stage Playset that included Strawberry Shortcake and Cherry Jam. We also received two additional individual dolls, another Strawberry Shortcake and a Plum Pudding. I let Eva open the Sweet Beats Stage Playset and the Plum Pudding individual doll. We’re donating the Single Strawberry Shortcake to Christmas is for Kids. read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3518

    Today a whole new Samsung NX camera arrived. The latest Samsung camera is the NX1. It is the newest, most advanced Samsung mirrorless camera on the market. All of the Imageloggers are going to be receiving this camera and shooting with it for the next six months or more. Some of the other imageloggers received this camera on Friday and I was so nervous that the camera would not arrive before we headed away for our trip to New Hampshire. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy shooting with this amazing new camera. Photos with this new camera are coming soon.

  • We received a copy of Planes Fire and Rescue to watch and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

    As a family we enjoyed the first Planes movie. The kids have requested to watch it many times. I enjoyed it and found it funny and pretty decent overall. I’m not a big fan of Dane Cook, now. When I was in college he came and performed and was hilarious. That was well before his mega tour and everything that came after that. I remember him as a funny guy who did this whole dinosaur bit that had us rolling. He does a good job in the Planes movies as Dusty Crophopper. The kids don’t care about anything outside of the movie and they love Dusty.

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    So, in Planes Fire and Rescue we have Dusty back home, he’s become very famous and popular. He still races but finds out that his gearbox is starting to fail and if he pushes things he’s going to crash. He’s an older model plane and so there is no gearbox around to be found to replace his faulty one. Dusty can no longer redline it and so he can’t race. He starts to feel sorry for himself and through a series of events he inadvertently causes a fire at Propwash Junction. This sheds a light on the fact that there is an outdated fire safety issue and this threatens to shut down the place and their annual corn festival.

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