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  • Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney Movies Anywhere

    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available today on Digital HD and for you to take anywhere when you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere. To celebrate the release, you can watch a video featuring Groot’s famous catchphrase in multiple languages across the galaxy!

    Today also marks Walmart’s VUDU service joining Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) as a participating retailer, further enhancing the ability to manage and enjoy your digital collections of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies at home and on the go.

  • Photo-A-Day #3515

    Today our little guy turned three. He got his first birthday wishes at five am when he came and woke us up. He was so excited that it was finally his birthday. Allison changed the sign on our back door to say Happy Birthday, Andrew. He then added his own flourishes to it as well including a 3 and a B and a few other things.

    Later in the afternoon we went to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. We had it early this time around to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and this was the date that worked for the whole family. We had a very nice afternoon with everyone. It was good to have everyone home and together especially as the family continues to grow. Four grandchildren in the house was pretty entertaining for everyone.

    It was back to work tonight and we were having a pie sampling party. I brought a Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie and pumpkin patch ice cream, cool whip and pumpkin loaf cake. I brought everything for people to enjoy pumpkin patch parfait like my previously posted Sweet Potato in a Pumpkin Patch recipe.


  • Photo-A-Day #3514

    Today is Andrew’s last day as a Two-Year-Old. I can’t believe how quickly the time with him has been moving. He’s growing by leaps and bounds in his size but also his knowledge. He’s speaking more, learning his numbers and letters and much more. I have been so fortunate to be able to spend the last few months with him Tuesday-Friday. We’ve had all sorts of adventures but what I really love are those little fun moments together. Those moments where I can hug and kiss him and he’ll snuggle up with me to watch a show or when he’s being totally impish but not causing any real trouble. Just those moments when he is being himself and I take the time to appreciate that person.


  • Photo-A-Day #3513

    Today after Play Group, Andrew and I met up with Uncle Mike for some time at the park and a visit to Tex Barry’s. Uncle Mike had never been to Tex Barry’s before and it was our job to educate him on the ways of the Tex Barry’s coney. I got two all the way with some fries for all of us. Andrew got it kid’s style (ketchup, although he is acquiring a taste for mustard.) and Uncle Mike got one all the way. It was a fun time to spend with him. Andrew loved his time with Uncle Mike.

    In addition to our Tex Barry’s run we also went to the Capron Park Zoo and the playground. It was an excellent day. All that fun wore Andrew out completely, too.

  • Neverbeast gruff reveal

    Here is KT Tunstall’s song, “Float” which is for the opening scenes of the upcoming movie, “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast”.

    It is a really nice opening piece showing what Fawn’s morning is like as she cares for all the animals around Pixie Hollow.


    Singer/songwriter/musician KT Tunstall heads to Pixie Hollow to help bring animal fairy Fawn’s story to life in “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.” Tunstall performs three new songs in the film, including “Float,” “Strange Sight” and “1000 Years.”

    “KT is a celebrated songwriter and musician,” says director Steve Loter. “She reminds me of Fawn in a way with her big heart and this amazing voice that has a little bit of edge and a tremendous amount of appeal.”

    The all-new Tinker Bell film is about the relationship that develops between Fawn, a compassionate animal fairy who thinks with her heart, and Gruff, a massive beast with glowing green eyes who seems to be on a mission. “It’s a real action-adventure movie,” says Tunstall. “The characters are so cool. I was over the moon to take part. Disney Animation has such an incredible heritage of work, spanning decades, and it’s really special to be part of that.”

    Tunstall had fun channeling the film’s heroine. “‘Float’ is Fawn’s opening theme,” she says. “It’s fantastic how she spends her days looking after all the animals around Pixie Hollow. The song says, ‘I’ll just float.’ She doesn’t have to have a reason, she just really loves having a pair of wings, so she’s going out for a fly, getting into trouble and mischief.”

    The artist also helped introduce the NeverBeast. “‘Strange Sight’ is heard when Fawn discovers this beast living in the woods near Pixie Hollow,” says Tunstall. “He’s a huge, scary-looking guy, but she isn’t afraid. She wants to help him and make friends with him, but can’t work out what he is or what he’s doing with the rocks he’s collecting.”

    The third song in Tunstall’s lineup, which she sings with singer/songwriter Bleu, is an emotional song that can be heard during the film’s end credits.

    Tunstall has recorded five studio albums and received multiple Brit Award nominations including a win for female solo artist and a 2007 Grammy® nom for the song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” Her hit “Suddenly I See” was featured in the motion picture “The Devil Wears Prada,” which led her to her interest in composing for film including “The Kid,” “Winter’s Tale” and a collaboration with A.R. Rahman on the song “We Could Be Kings” for Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm.”
    “Float” – music and lyrics by Bleu
    “Strange Sight” – music and lyrics by Rob Cantor
    “1000 Years” – music and lyrics by Bleu

    More about Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. read more!

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