By Drew Bennett

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  • Knight Light

    Knight Light, one of two new Trap Masters, appears in the Skylanders® Trap Team Light Element Expansion Pack arriving at retail nationwide this holiday season. (Photo: Business Wire)

    Much of the Skylanders talk lately has been about Wave 3 and when is Wave 3 going to launch. Not much mind was paid to the two new Elements that everyone knew was coming but no one had any substantiated proof about release dates. Well, now we have that information. The two new Skylanders elements are Light and Dark with two new Adventure Packs to pick up THIS SUNDAY (in the U.S>) at Toys R Us. I really thought that Wave 3 was going to be up this weekend but it looks like I still have no clue on that front. I’ll still be keeping my eyes peeled for sure.

    Get to Know Knight Mare and Knight Light in these trailer videos below.

    Knight Mare

    Knight Light

    The Full Press Release is below. read more!

  • Eva with the Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red

    When we decided to have a Monster Hunt party for Eva’s seventh birthday this year I asked my Nerf contact if we could check out some additional Nerf toys. We were supplied with the Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire and also the Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster. These are my opinions of the latter.

    A few days before Eva’s party she and I went out to the back yard to try out the Rapid Red Blaster. This is a motorized blaster that rapid fires Nerf darts. The darts travel quickly and for a significant distance. The Rebelle site says that they can travel up to 75 feet. I’d say that they can travel pretty far. I showed Eva how to hold and fire the blaster. We aimed at the monster targets and she immediately angled upwards and fired four darts over the fence and across the street before I could stop her. I walked across the street and looked on the neighbor’s lawn and didn’t see a single dart. She had lost four of them almost immediately. The good news is that they flew pretty far. So far, indeed, that they disappeared.

    Luckily the set came with twelve darts so we were able to keep playing. The darts were special ones because six were collectible and 6 were message darts. The messages can be read with the decoder clip. Nerf Rebelle is all about the social aspect of Blaster play. Girls can pretend to be spies sending secret messages back and forth with their friends.

  • Photo-A-Day #3538

    I took my NX1 down the street tonight to take some photos of the lights that one of my neighbors has. He always decorates big for Christmas and Halloween. I took my NX1 and a tripod and set up on the sidewalk to attempt to get some good light’s photos. I wanted to get that starburst glow pattern from the lights. You can get that from a long exposure and a bunch of other factors. I’m not the best at explaining how it all works together but I can figure it out most of the time. You’ll have to click on today’s image above to see what I mean, check out the lights at the bottom of the photo. Those have the starburst pattern to them.


  • Photo-A-Day #3537

    I went to Toys R Us this morning in hopes that Wave 3 of Skylanders Trap Team was hitting the stores. I really could have placed money on the release of Wave 3 because the figures were sent to me and they never arrive so far out from the release date. I guess that means that I have more time to make some videos of the figures before they are available to everyone.

    I did manage to pick up the Winterfest Lob-Star figure as well as the Kaos Trap. I met up with my fellow Skylanders collector friend Brian and apologized profusely for giving him bad info about the release date. Maybe the release will be next week.

  • PEG + CAT Pirates Ahoy

    Pirates and PEG + CAT, a perfect combination. We’ve been fans of this cute little show since it started. We love the first book the Chicken Problem where kids learn to count to 100. We do try to keep a fairly clean DVR and figure that most of the shows for the kids we can get from On Demand, but having a decent DVD compilation of episodes comes in handy when we go on trips or for those times when we aren’t able to find the shows the kids want. And you know how kids get obsessed with things for a short time and that is all they want to watch, a DVD of episodes is great for those moments.

    This new DVD is cute and has more than just the seven episodes. There are also activities that you can print out including recipes and more. Each activity reinforcing some of the math based lessons. Take a look at what is on the DVD. read more!