Pick up Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War on Blu-ray TODAY!!

Assualt on the Sanctum - Wong Doctor Strange Bruce Banner and Tony Stark

MARVEL STUDIOS’ “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” was one amazing ride from start to finish with a gut punch ending that leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe reeling. I saw this in the theater and was stunned by what happened. I went by myself because I wanted no spoilers prior to working the weekend. I work weekend overnights and so if I don’t hit the movies on Friday morning I run the chance of getting spoiled all weekend long. I wasn’t going to take the chance with this movie.

On my recent trip to California as part of a Disney Press Trip (airfare, hotel and meals compensated) I was fortunate to meet and have an interview with Trinh Tran the Executive Producer of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. I was also given a copy of the Blu-ray that hits stores today. That Blu-ray had the digital code and I downloaded the movie to watch again on my flights home. I then watched the Blu-ray when I got home with the director commentary on. This way of watching provides a lot of insight into what goes into making a movie of this magnitude. The commentary was by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Watching it again this way was great for a huge Marvel fan like myself. Continue reading Pick up Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War on Blu-ray TODAY!!

Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo 3DS™

The kids with Toad and Toadette

When we went to Sweet Suite this past July the first thing that we saw was Nintendo. The kids got a chance to try out the new game, Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker. They loved playing it. They even earned their Toad Brigade Membership cards and were given a stuffed Toad and Toadette. When I got home I contacted Nintendo to see if we could receive a copy for review. We were sent the game for the Nintendo 3DS™ system and I have been the one to play it most often. Opinions of the game are our own. Continue reading Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo 3DS™

Company Picnic 2018

Eva riding Steel

Today was the annual company picnic. Can you believe that I have been to sixteen of these things. Next month I hit my 17th year and I’ve attended one since I started. Now with the kids getting older they can do so many more things themselves and they are still big fans of attending. Each year we have a few of our favorite things to do. Fried Dough for breakfast and clam chowder right after that. The kids love riding the horses and going through the funhouse maze. I enjoy eating plenty of lobster and Allison enjoys that I crack all the lobsters and prepare them for her. The kids love getting the stuffed animal each year and this year it was a manatee. Below are some photos from our best moments today.

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CozyPhones – Soft and Cute Headphones for the Kids

The Kids Rocking out with their CozyPhones

We received a couple of CozyPhones for free to use and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

In the past few years we have taken many car trips with the kids and this past February we went on a flight with them. Each time we go on our trips now the kids take along their activity packs with all sorts of things to keep themselves entertained. One of the things that they each have is an iPad. Eva has an iPad Mini and Andrew an iPad Air in a large protective case. We’ve gone through a number of headphones over the years, too. It is always fun to be driving down the road to hear that the headphones are hurting my head or to discover at the last minute that the headphones have been broken beyond repair. And when I say fun… I mean frustrating for both me and the kids.

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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This Christmas the beloved story, The Nutcracker will come to life in an all new way. This certainly looks like it will have some incredible costumes. It will be interesting to see this interpretation of the story. You can see the trailer here.


About the movie:

All Clara (Mackenzie Foy) wants is a key – a one-of-a-kind key that will unlock a box that holds a priceless gift. A golden thread, presented to her at godfather Drosselmeyer’s (Morgan Freeman) annual holiday party, leads her to the coveted key—which promptly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. It’s there that Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip (Jayden Fowora-Knight), a gang of mice and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Phillip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm, home to the tyrant Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren), to retrieve Clara’s key and hopefully return harmony to the unstable world. Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Disney’s new holiday feature film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston, and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale.

Clara - The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Poster

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THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS opens in theatres everywhere on November 2nd!

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