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  • Enjoying a Turkey Leg at King Richard's Faire

    Each year since 2012 we have been fortunate to attend King Richards Faire as guests of the realm. We’ve had such great times at the faire. Some of our favorite parts of the Faire are seeing Piers the Purveyor of Pickles and the joust, eating turkey legs and much more. We enjoy seeing all the different acts as well. Each year we find something fantastic! I cannot wait to see what is going to be at the Faire this year. Check out our past visits.

    This year I have a family four pack of tickets for Opening Weekend (Sept 5-7, 2015) to give away. Please enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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    More about the 2015 King Richard’s Faire Season! read more!


    I have heard so much about movies from Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. I’ve heard that they are incredible movies and I haven’t gotten to see any of them. I’m interested in this new release of the collection of the works of Miyazaki. I think that these would be fun to watch with the kids.

    For the First Time Ever in North America, Academy Award®-Winning Director Hayao Miyazaki’s Films Come Together in a Single Collection


    Available on Blu-ray™ Exclusively via on November 17, 2015

    The Collection includes a 1972 TV Pilot Directed by Miyazaki, Three Episodes from the Hit Anime Series “Little Samurai” and a Commemorative Booklet

    About: Experience the majestic works of one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the history of animated cinema. Hayao Miyazaki weaves his unique style of artistry and epic adventure into astonishing tales of triumph, bursting with imagination and wonder. For the first time, enjoy all 11 of Miyazaki’s feature-length masterpieces in one spectacular 12-disc collection, complete with hours of captivating bonus features and the Academy Award®-winning Spirited Away (2002, Best Animated Feature Film). read more!

  • Photo-A-Day #3768

    Today was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. One of my co-workers brought in ice cream sandwiches. I took mine and added some magic shell and some peanut brittle crunch to doctor it up. The results were delicious!

    Today is also the 40th wedding anniversary for my in-laws. They have been up this way for the past couple weeks and have been with us for a few days. We all went to House of Fortune for dinner tonight to celebrate. We went early so I could go and still make it to work on time. Excellent meal, as always, and Eva even tried a bunch of new things. She didn’t like everything but the point was that she got adventurous and tried.


  • Photo-A-Day #3767

    One of my co–workers has a huge garden with 14 zucchini plants. They are growing huge and so she brings some in to the office. I took two home and they were enormous. When I got home Andrew came running to meet me and he wanted to hold one of the zucchini. He ended up hugging it in this photo. It was almost as tall as his torso and head. read more!


  • Photo-A-Day #3766

    A while back I got a STOK Grill. I wanted one of these and asked STOK for one along with several different inserts. They sent me a bunch of inserts and the grill. We have used it so often and we love it. We have not used the griddle insert yet, until today. I made grilled breakfast that consisted of eggs, pancakes, sausage and steak. Inside I made bacon and potato patties in the oven. Breakfast was delicious. I learned more about how to use the grill and griddle inserts. I made a video about it, as well. read more!


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