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  • Skylanders Coloring With Andrew
    Photo-A-Day #4184

    Exciting things are happening here. After coming home coloring a big Skylanders coloring page with Andrew and then taking him to school I was able to get about an hour and a half of sleep. When I picked him up from school I took him over to Morin’s for Breakfast for lunch. Today is National Pancake Day and I was craving a short stack. I prepared it the way that Bosch does in the Amazon series, Bosch. He puts the syrup on the plate and then puts the pancakes on top of that. It is a good way to enjoy them.

    We got home and cleaned up the backyard a bit. Some weeding, cleaning up and removing some fallen branches.

    After the cleanup we came inside and opened a couple of LEGO Dimensions Funk Packs that I had purchased. We opened Emmet from The LEGO Movie and Slimer from Ghostbusters.

    Tonight I got some great news which I’ll share with you very soon. All I can say right now is that I am so excited about it!

    I also received a beautiful new Disney Book today. It is Disney Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure by Matthew Reinhart. This was sent to me for free and I’m giving my honest opinion on it in the video below.

  • A photo posted by The Smurfs (@smurfsmovie) on

    The family and I have watched the past couple of Smurfs movies. The kids have enjoyed them very much, they were laughing like crazy. There is a new Smurfs movie that is coming in the Spring of 2017.

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  • I Cant Hear You

    As I am currently binging on the 5th season of Longmire, my favorite show on Netflix, I have been remiss in posting my monthly #StreamTeam Post. And there is a ton to post about. The biggest news is that Netflix is the place for streaming Disney movies. From the newest animated releases like Zootopia to compelling dramas like The Finest Hours, Netflix will be where you will go from now on to see the latest from Disney. In addition, many classic Disney moves have made their way to Netflix as well, like one of my all time favorites, Robin Hood.

    Andrew and I watched Zoootopia when it was released on Netflix because he loved that movie. We shared a couple of snacks as we watched but next time we are going to try these couple of snacks to enjoy as we watch. I have a Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe and a Walking Taco Recipe for you to download and enjoy, too. In addition to the Disney movies that are available to stream on Netflix there are also movies like one of my all time favorites, Footloose. There is also another new animated show, Kulipari which has some great voice talent.

    The Finest Hours Footloose Holes
    Kulipari Mulan II Zootopia
    Tarzan Robin Hood Pirates of the Caribbean

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  • Skylanders Imaginators Dr. Krankcase

    Skylanders Imaginators is launching in less than a month and I am super excited about it. I have been a fan since the very first game and I am looking forward to being able to create my own Imaginators characters. I’m actually more excited to see what the kids come up with. Their imaginations are teeming with great ideas. So, I have gotten some news on both the game front and the TV show front. Yes, there is a Skylanders show launching October 28th on Netflix called Skylanders Academy and while I’m not thrilled that Justin Long is replacing my favorite voice actor, Josh Keaton as Spryo, I am looking forward to the show, and besides Josh is super great at being Shiro on Volton on Netflix anyway.

    The other big news is that there is a Skylanders promotion between Skylanders Imaginators and the movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.

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  • Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Death Star
    Photo-A-Day #4183

    My Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box arrived yesterday. I was walking out the door on the way to work and it was there on the porch. So, I was unable to open it yesterday but today I got to unbox it. I did one of my one minute unboxings, well, 1 minute 13 seconds but I tried to get it to a minute. This seems to be a good amount of time to show you everything in the box. I know that I can wax poetic on these things but am finding that the shorter I go on YouTube the better.

    The box was a good one with two Pop figures plus a nice tshirt featuring Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. The Patch has Darth Vader and the pin has one of the Emperor’s Royal Guard Storm Troopers on it. The special extra item is a Death Star Luggage Tag. This is the first Funko Luggage tag that was created. Also of note on the Grand Moff Tarkin Pop figure his head sculpt is different to show his sunken cheeks. The Darth Vader pop is really good with his doing a force choke move.


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