By Drew Bennett

Husband, Dad, Blogger, Photographer, Transformers Fan and Wired Kayaker

  • Hot Wheels Character Cars - Avengers Infinity War
    Photo-A-Day #4720

    This morning the second trailer for Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR was released and It is amazing. This is the movie that we’ve been waiting for. 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe bringing together the heroes to fight against the toughest villain they have ever faced, Thanos! So, I watched the trailer and then thought, I really need to make a reaction video because this is just so amazing. I saw that my friend Tessa of Mama’s Geeky did a reaction video to go along with a great post about the five Marvel comics that you should read before Infinity War. I got inspired by her reaction video more to make my own video, too. So, check out the official video and then take a look at mine. I also have the official Movie poster below.

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  • Comet and Charge Prize Pack
    Photo-A-Day #4719

    I am now an influencer for Comet TV and Charge! These are channels that play Sci-fi Tv and movies as well as action movies. This month Comet TV is playing the best worst movies including Johnny Mnemonic. Charge! is doing a Kickboxer marathon from March 26-30th. They are playing all five of the Kickboxer movies. As part of my new influencer position I receive a special box of fun stuff to unbox and also to give away! You can see the contents of the box above. You can also see my unboxing video below.

    You can enter the giveaway below through the rafflecopter widget. The Comet TV and Charge! March Pack has:

    1 – Limited Edition Johnny Mnemonic COMET TV T-shirt: One of the best of the worst films ever. Can you carry Nearly 80 Gigs Of Data In Your Head… It depends on if I have my morning coffee! This shirt is exclusive and only 130 are in existence.

    1 – Kickboxer Exclusive Charge! Clamshell Box: Talk about retro goodness! This Bloodsport exclusive clamshell box features exclusive throwback artwork and will immediately take you back to the days of waiting in line for new release movies at the video store!

    1- Kickboxer “Kickin’ It” Viewing Kit: When you’re working up a sweat either by saving the world or sitting on the couch, this viewing kit will aid you, in your quest. It has an official Kickboxer elastic headband as well as some popcorn and stickers.

    2 – Exclusive COMET TV Film Cards: The best thing to celebrate the cult classic films arriving on COMET TV this month! A limited edition set only available here!

    2 – Exclusive CHARGE! Film Cards: Get in the mood to check out CHARGE! with this card set showcasing some of the awesome movies showing on CHARGE! this month!

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  • Pi Day at Piezonis
    Photo-A-Day #4718

    It was another snow day over here. Two days cooped up in the house was enough. We had fun, watched movies and did those things that you do on a snow day. Last night I had given up on snowblowing yet another time. This morning, however, I went out to find that my neighbor, Tim had shoveled out my driveway. It was totally clear except for the tops of the cars. I ran the snowblower around the sidewalks and next door one last time. The snow was done for the day and then it got nice and warm and the driveway melted down completely.

    Eva had her acting class today and Andrew, a haircut. I picked up Eva and then we went to Andrew’s haircut. He did really well today. Then I took both kids out for pizza at Piezoni’s because it was Pi Day.

  • Snow Day Fun Day
    Photo-A-Day #4717

    Oh those snowfalls close to Spring. Today was a snow day once again. The snow just kept on falling and falling. I went out and snowblowed the driveways and sidewalks 3 times. We lost power and I hauled out the neighbor’s generator on my third snowblowing attempt. It took me long enough to haul it out, set it up, run cords to my garage and start up the snowblower for the power to be restored. On my third time out I also ran the snowblower across the street to help out my other neighbor, Tim. He was digging out the whole apartment. That’s the kind of guy he is. So, I lent a hand for a while. But, by the third time out I was compeltely spent, soaked and tired beyond anything.

    In between the snowblowing sessions we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which Eva loved! She was giggling like crazy through much of it. Next chance we get then we are doing Volume 2. I also worked with the kids to build The Milano LEGO set from the first movie. It is in my stack of Marvel LEGO sets that I have yet to open. We actually build two sets today, a Spider-Man set and this Guardians set. It was fun to build these with the kids. It was a nice snow day.

  • The Sleepover
    Photo-A-Day #4716

    Since we already knew that tomorrow would be a snow day we said yes to Andrew’s request to sleep on Eva’s floor. The kid has wanted to be able to have a sleepover for such a long time. He’s seen Eva have them and has wanted to be able to go on them, too. He’s still too young for it, but he can certainly sleep a night on Eva’s floor. He was over the moon about that.They didn’t even stay up all night, so that was good, too.

    I’m glad that the kids did this, and Eva let Andrew stay with her. She’s starting to want more time to herself and at the same time he just wants to be with her and do everything he can to spend time with her. I hope that she lets him in but I think she’s just naturally going to pull away for a while. Let’s hope that they have the foundation to always be able to help each other and have fun.