Making Football Chex Cereal Treat Bars @ChexCereal #MadeWithChex

The Finished Product

I”m going to disclose two things right up front. The materials for these Football Chex Cereal Treat Bars were sent to me for from from my friends at General Mills Cereals. The second thing is that I did not make them. My wife and kids made them. They had a great time doing it and what they made was really tasty. It is a simple recipe and so easy to do, too.

With the big games coming up these are the perfect treats to put out for your guest when they come to watch. Quick and easy and quite festive. Great for the theme of any football watch party! You can see our take on these in the video below.

Want to make your own? Recipe and some more photos below. Continue reading Making Football Chex Cereal Treat Bars @ChexCereal #MadeWithChex

Becoming a Knight with The Kid Who Would Be King

Eva Kid Who Would Be King

Eva and I are heading to NYC today on an epic adventure filled with swords and sorcery. We are tracking down the cast of The Kid Who Would Be King in order to interview them, train to me knights and to, of course, see the new movie The Kid Who Would Be King (Coming to theaters January 25th). This is a once in a lifetime trip and I am so excited to share it with Eva. She’s had her own swords (Nerf ones) for years now. Ever since she was very small we would play sword-fight in the backyard whether it be with Nerf swords or Lightsabers. I am thrilled that I can share my love for Arthurian Legend with her through this movie. If will give us a great jumping in point to talk more about the legend and share movies and books together.

Backing Each Other Up Swords

You can follow along with the adventure on all of our social channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, Mobcrush, Instagram and Twitter. Look for the hashtag #KidWhoWouldBeKing and you will see all the fun.

Knights Guide Sneak Peek

To get you excited about the upcoming movie and to talk with your kids about being Knights and living a life according to their ideals then check out this fun downloadable book. It is The Guide for Young Knights. It features The Knights Code, activities and more. Be sure to share this with your knights-in-training to ensure they’re ready for an epic adventure and can earn their seat at King Arthur’s Round Table!

And if you did not believe me about the sword fighting. Well, back in 2012 Eva and I had some incredible battles like this one. Forgive me for shooting Vertical.


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