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  • Thor Ragnarok
    Photo-A-Day #4547

    I have been invited to California October 9-11th by Disney to attend the Red Carpet Premiere of Thor Ragnarok and many other things. Airfare and Lodging are being provided as well as some meals while in town. I will probably receive some promotional items and more. Opinions of everything are my own.

    Thor Ragnarok Event

    Disney Magic came to my inbox the other day. An invitation to not only see the Thor Ragnarok movie early (it opens in theaters on 11/3), but to actually attend the Red Carpet Premiere of the movie. I’m sure that we’ll get a moment or two to interview some of the cast but I am not sure who we are interviewing yet. I may actually be as close as I am to Chris Hemsworth as I am to his cardboard visage in the photo above. How incredible is that?

    Thor Poster

    On this trip I will also be attending a very special Cars 3 themed dinner in celebration of the In-Home release of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 (available on Digital 10/24 and Blu-ray 11/7). I am hoping that this special dinner will actually be at Disneyland in California.

    I have not been there since Allison and I went out there nearly 15 years ago. Going to Disneyland with a group of bloggers has been one of those things that I have never done on one of these trips before and I really want to do that. The Red Carpet is a first for me, so maybe two firsts in one trip…

    Cars 3

    While on this trip I will also be screening a new episode of Disney Junior’s new animated series “VAMPIRINA” (premiering 10/1) which tells the story of a young vampire girl who faces the joys and trials of being the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. After the screening there will be a Q&A with the series’ Executive Producer, Chris Nee (“Doc McStuffins”).


    That isn’t all, either. I’ll also be attending a lunch with the technology company littleBits to get hands-on with their brand new STAR WARS Droid Inventor Kit ( where you can make your own R2D2 and bring him to life! I’m excited about this because there is a fair bit of coding that we can do to make this robot do some cool things.

    R2D2 ittybits

    I love going on these trips and they are always so much fun. I was torn on this one because it falls right on Eva’s 10th birthday. Double digits is a significant one and we are going to make sure that she has something amazing to do on Sunday the 8th before I leave. I asked her if it would be okay for me to go fully willing to turn the trip down if she honestly wanted me to stay home or was going to be upset. She told me that she knows I love her and that I love these trips. She also said that this is an amazing opportunity for me and she doesn’t want me to miss it. She does want to make sure that we get to Facetime together on her birthday. At least with technology we won’t miss talking together on her birthday, face to face.

    I’m sure that Eva will be following along to the fun pictures and videos that I will post from the trip. You can follow to and make sure that you are following these hashtags on social media: #ThorRagnarokEvent, #Cars3Bluray, #Vampirina, #littleBits

  • Blue Belt
    Photo-A-Day #4546

    Andrew had his karate graduation ceremony this morning. He has been working hard at karate. He is still more impish and restless than anything but he has been advancing each and every session. We’ve had many discussions about how to behave while in class. There have been tears, pleading and more. At graduation he was pretty well behaved. He did a good job with his forms and now he is using a Bo Staff. We struggle with wanting to go and not wanting to go. I have heard that this is normal. It drives me crazy because there is so many benefits to karate and this will help him so much as he gets older. But he’s also a little kid with a lot of energy. He gets fidgety. I know that I struggle with watching this, I shouldn’t get so upset by it but I do. I need to mellow out a bit so that he can enjoy it without too much scrutiny on my part. This is probably the biggest thing that contributes to the moments when he does not enjoy karate.

    I am very proud of him and I do tell him so. I was happy to be a part of the ceremony. He is on a journey to that Little Dragons Black Belt and I do hope that he continues along this path.

  • Ninjago Movie Video Game
    Photo-A-Day #4545

    Today I received the LEGO Ninjago Movie video game for the Nintendo Switch for free from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. I received it so that I could review it, make some videos with it and play it like crazy. I’ve been looking forward to this game because I love the LEGO games and also because the Ninjago Movie game has some interesting game dynamics. It also looks really cool. You not only fight as the different Ninjago characters but then you can also play as them in their Mechs. You can see in my livestream video from this afternoon that I was shocked that I went from training in the Dojo to flying a Mech but it was really intuitive to do so and it looked so cool flying around in these Mechs while switching between different characters and their Mechs. I was going to go and see the movie today but ran out of time. To be honest I don’t know all of the character’s names and I was also sent masks for each of the Ninja. But I can only really identify the Green Ninja. I will get better at this in the future. I also plan to do some more Livestreams of the game like the one below.

    My first impressions of the game were that it was funny and fun to play. I got to play as a couple of different ninjas and played through chapters 1 and 2. I like how more new characters can be found and new abilities unlocked. The game is visually awesome. I do not know how to swim under the water yet to get more studs but I will figure it out. If you liked the movie then it is very likely that you will like this game. The game was released today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

    Brian over at Built from Bricks got the game as well ad we may do a Ninjago themed livestream next Thursday.

    More about the game launch below. read more!

  • Coco Family

    Two months from today Disney•Pixar’s COCO will be hitting theaters. Leading up to the movie I will have all sorts of fun interesting things to share with you. Today I have coloring pages and a couple of activity pages. Just click on the images to download the .PDF files.

    Coco Miguel Coloring Page Coco Dante Coloring Page 2
    Coco Hector Coloring Page Coco Ernesto Coloring Page Coco Dante Coloring Page
    Coco Maze Coco Hexaflexon

    More about the movie. read more!

  • My LiveStream Setup
    Photo-A-Day #4544

    Today I decided to try out some Live Streaming. I have a lot to learn to make this a much better experience for anyone watching. I a using a software called OBS. This can do a lot of things and I got it set up so that I can play video games as well as change camera sizes. I may even grab a small HD webcam to have an additional camera angle to use when showing toys. I’ve also got to make sure that if I am doing any video game livestreaming to turn off the music from the games. I immediately got a copyright ding from Nintendo for the music from ARMS.

    In my livestream I unboxed my latest Smugglers’s Bounty box. This box was themed Jedi and it contained items for Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jin, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon and Yoda. There were good items in the box although I would have liked it if they included the paper inside that details how they decided on the characters and what it took to come up with the character designs for the Funko figures.

    As far as Funko figures go I found some little figures for the movie Thor Ragnarok. They are actually keychains but I take the keychain part off to have small figures. I’ll be taking them with me to LA next month for the Thor Ragnarok Press trip that I am attending. I’ve got to write up a post all about it, too.

    During the livestream I also played some Legend of Zelda and show a cool little robot that we got for review. So, take a look and I promise I will figure out the whole sound thing for the extra videos and video games.