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  • Hela and Helmet

    There are so many fun DIY projects around Halloween that you can do with your family to make it special. If you are fans of Thor and are as excited to see Thor: Ragnarok as I was when I went to see it on the Red Carpet then you might just be excited about the newest Marvel Villain, Hela. Cate Blanchett does an incredible job as the goddess of Death. You can read my entire Spoiler Free Thor: Ragnarok review now or after you do some crafting and baking from these suggestions below. I have plans for you to make a Hela Headdress, Hela Pumpkin and Mjolnir Candy Apples

    Who is HELA?

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monsters N Mutants
    Photo-A-Day #4573

    Playmates Toys sent me the set of six Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monsters + Mutants figures for free to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

    I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to open up these figures for a while but haven’t found the time. Then I watched all the Monsters + Mutants episodes of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon and I knew it was beyond time for me to open these up and talk about them. So, today I decided to do a livestream of me unboxing the figures. I did that and then realized that the sound was not recorded when I made the video. Nobody was watching so there was no way for me to know that there was no sound. I watched it at the end and realized my mistake.

    So, I did a second video and this one at least had sound. I had already opened each of the figures and so the video is a bit shorter. No one watched it this time either but that is okay, they might check out out later. Here is the video. Then below that I’ll talk about each figure.

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  • Millennium Falcon
    Photo-A-Day #4572

    Tonight I went over to Brian’s house to film Built from Bricks. It has been two weeks since I last went over to his place and he had done a ton of work on the Millennium Falcon. He was on the very last bag. I knew this because I had been watching his livestreams as well as his Instagram feed showing his progress. I decided that I would open my own Millennium Falcon and built it with the kids. Mine was considerably smaller than his. His is 7500+ pieces and mine is 696. Mine is also the very first Millennium Falcon that LEGO made back in 2000.

    After college I was buying LEGO toys like crazy. I would order them online and have them shipped to me. It was always my intention to save them for when I had kids and when those kids were old enough to play with LEGO and appreciate Star Wars. Back in April we went on a family trip to New Hampshire. I brought along an X-Wing fighter from 2000 and we built that together. It was fun and I was looking for the next set to build.

    when Brian originally bought the new Millennium Falcon I dug through my LEGO Star Wars boxes and found my Millennium Falcon. I bought it over to start off the Livestream on the day we worked on the new set for eight straight hours.We opened our last livestream on the set with my completely built Millennium Falcon as a joke. Then we set about finishing the new one. Which happens in the video below.

  • Kia at SEMA

    Here is just a teaser of the Kia Stinger that was modified by West Coast Customs for SEMA 2017. I have been interesed in driving this car ever since I heard about it a ways back. It is getting closer to actual release and I cannot wait to get behind the wheel. If you are lucky enough to be at SEMA this year make sure you check out this custom. Here is more information about it.

    Kia has teamed up with West Coast Customs to show off a uniquely-modified version of the Kia Stinger – the brand’s first GT offering – in pure SEMA style. The all-new fastback sedan will tout a number of eye-catching high-performance enhancements including lowered front and rear suspension, a gloss black front grill, a carbon fiber aero kit, 21-inch forged wheels, widebody fender flares, a rear diffuser and squared-off quad exhaust tips , to name a few. And you’ll find a number of exceptional finishes to this Stinger’s cockpit, as well.

    Catch the SEMA Stinger GT as it is unveiled alongside two other custom Kia creations on Tuesday, October 31 at 9:00 a.m. The press conference will be in Kia’s booth (Las Vegas Convention Center – North Hall). And stay tuned for more Kia news on the SEMA front in the days ahead.

  • Thor Ragnarok

    On October 9 – 11 I attended a Disney Press Event. My hotel and airfare and meals were taken care of while I was in L.A. Opinions and observations as well as recaps and such are all my own. This post will also contain some affiliate links to

    It is hard to replicate the energy that you feel when you are watching a movie in the same theater with the cast and creators of that movie. Most of these people are seeing the finished product for the very first time along with you. So many hours of hard work have gone into making this that to finally see it on the big screen is cause for excitement. That was the vibe of the room that I was in when I saw Thor: Ragnarok.

    People were excited. We had just had the main cast on stage feet from us introduced by Grandmaster himself, Jeff Goldblum. Then the cast came off the stage and crossed in front of us giving high fives and shaking hands. I was only three rows away from some of them the whole night. Everyone was caught up in the excitement, even the cast, including Mark Ruffalo who was livestreaming an Instagram story while on on the red carpet and then again stage. He was so excited that he forgot that his phone was still on when he put his phone in his pocket to watch the movie. If you were one of the 2500 people following along then you might have caught the sounds from the first ten minutes of the movie which included laughter and cheers from the audience. It was that exciting, so exciting that you forget things. I personally forgot my voice recorder at the press conference the next day and I am still kicking myself for that.

    Ever since I got the invitation to attend the Thor: Ragnarok red carpet I have been living in this world of Thor. I re-watched Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I read the Planet Hulk storyline on my Marvel Unlimited subscription. What I tend to forget is that not everyone is as invested in the story as I am and you may not even be fully aware of the movie or the storyline. So here is the official trailer to get you a little up to speed.

    Since the end of Doctor Strange and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor has been trying to determine what his visions meant from the pool that he went into to communicate with The Norns. That pool is The Water of Sight and it helped Thor understand that Ultron had the Mind Stone and that sets up the part of the story with The Vision and also explains why Thor was quick to believe that the Vision was good and even helped him become created. But the vision (pun intended) that Thor had while in the Waters of Sight was one of Asgard and teased at Ragnarok. So, when all was said and done with Ultron Thor flew off to find out what it all meant.

    Also at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hulk was flying off on his own in a Quinjet. Hulk saw himself as always being a monster and so he left to keep those he loved safe. This is why we see neither hero take a side in Captain America: Civil War. They were both off world and this movie explains what they were up to. While the movie does not establish an actual timeline of events with respect to movies like Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War. We have to assume that there is some overlap.

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