By Drew Bennett

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  • Loot Crate Origins

    Photo-A-Day #4302

    I receive a Loot Crate each month for free to review and I am also an affiliate of Loot Crate.

    This month’s Loot Crate was pretty awesome. So many great things were found inside. The theme of this crate was Origins and there were items inside from DC Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nintendo and Captain America. You can see everything inside in the video below. And I have included the whole list below.

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  • Moana Sing-A-Long

    This coming Friday Disney’s MOANA – Sing-A-Long version will hit theaters. There are so many amazing songs in the movie and we found ourselves singing them over and over again after we saw the movie. We made sure to get the soundtrack so that we could continue to sing. I’ve never been to a Sing-A-Long movie before but it might be fun to do with the kids.

    In celebration of the special sing-along engagement of Disney’s MOANA, in select theatres nationwide January 27th, please enjoy the sing-along sequence of “How Far I’ll Go,” featuring music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Auli’i Cravalho.

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  • Sword Attack Voltron

    Photo-A-Day #4301

    I received a couple of the new Voltron toys from Playmates Toys for free to Unbox and review. The kids gave me a hand and the opinions expressed are ours.

    When Voltron Season 1 came out I watched the whole thing on my own and then I re-watched it with the kids. The kids really enjoyed it and we have been looking forward to the release of second season. I have a big post about it from yesterday, too. It was one of my StreamTeam posts. Tonight we watched the first episode of Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 as a family and loved it. Then I had to go to work and believe me, I would have much rather watched 4 or 5 episodes with the kids and really get into this season.

    Voltron Toys

    But.. we only watched the one episode and then the kids helped me unbox three Voltron toys. Two of them were provided to us by Playmates and the other one Andrew and I bought today. I was so close to buying the entire 16″ Voltron with all five lions (buying the Legendary ones will cost $100+) I really wanted it but decided against it. Lucky for me because the car needs new brakes.

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  • Voltron Flying

    By now you have seen the trailer for Season two of Voltron Legendary Defender. We loved this show as a family. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the show at DreamWorks Animation Studios last year and it was so hard to wait for the first season to start. It has been even harder for the second season to get under way but that is all about to change tomorrow. So, to get you excited take a look at a whole bunch of stills and videos that I have to share with you including some downloadable activity sheets and more. But first, let’s check out that season two trailer.

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  • Monster Trucks Toys
    Photo-A-Day #4300

    We received a Monster Trucks toy from my contact for posting promo on my blog about the movie. I am under no obligation to blog about this toy but figured it would be something fun to show you.

    The Toy is called the Monster Vision Jumping Truck. This truck senses when there is an obstacle in front of it and it jumps over it. I thought that this was somehow motorized and the car would propel itself but I was wrong. You have to roll the car and when it gets close to an obstacle it will jump up. You push the car down to lock it into place and then push a button on top of it (I am not sure what that does exactly) then you roll it. I thought that when you pushed the button the motor would start and the truck would go. It took some trial and error to make the truck work the way we wanted it to work but we eventually got the right speed in order to make the truck clear the jump.

    Before the movie came out I saw a bunch of Monster Trucks toys and I was interested in them. Specifically the Die Cast Metal vehicles. They looked great. They go for the same amount as a speciality Hot Wheels vehicle but are made by SpinMaster.Now that I;ve seen the movie I’d like to get Creech, the one in the red truck and the one in the green tuck. So those three trucks. There are other ones as well which were not in the movie or repaints but I think those three would be the ones to get. The trucks look cool.

    Andrew had a fun time with this toy. He tried it over and over again and when he made it jump correctly he was super happy. I have to think of it more form the perspective of a kid enjoying a toy than an adult wondering why it doesn’t work perfectly every single time. No toy works every single time. This works well enough that it is still fun to play. Plus, it is a cool looking Monster Truck so what’s not to like.