Here is something interesting. I found it today as I was searching through the blogs of people who came to visit me through It is a little project called “100 First Websites with Mybloglog-News widget”. I guess I haven’t been spending enough time at MyBlogLog because I was too late to sign up to participate in this. I probably should sign up for some communities there so I can be in the know about things like this. To me the project is a small scale version of FuelMyBlog, which B.T.W. is Re-launching soon, I can’t tell enough people about this.

Anyway back to the MyBlogLog thing, here is one version of the widget. Seems pretty interesting concept. I don’t completely understand it but that is pretty much how these things online work, you have to be on top of them to be in the know.

If you mouse over the picture the title of the blog post will appear. Click the random button and you will see 4 new faces. If anyone who is part of this comes by could you please drop me a comment to let me know more about the “100 First Websites with Mybloglog-News widget”.

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