Mystery Gift from Netflix

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This past week I received a mystery gift box from Netflix. It was actually a nicely wrapped gift. Inside were the materials needed to make a special Netflix red velvet birthday cake. Birthday cake? Whatever for?

starting today Netflix will have a special section where 15 of your kid’s favorite series and characters. You can access it by going to and there those characters will sing Happy Birthday to the kids, this is similar to the Netflix Happy New Years Countdowns.

Red Velvet Netflix Cake

Allison and the kids used the ingredients, tools and materials inside of the box to make a Netflix themed birthday cake. We actually celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday with this cake. I hope that he didn’t mind Garby taking a big bite out of the cake first.

Some of the lovable Netflix characters

There are plenty of Netflix Series and characters who will be part of this new service for parents to share with their kids. I’m sure that at least one of them will be something that will make your kids smile on their special day!

Planning and executing a kid’s birthday can be tough. We have done some epic ones over the years including a backyard monster hunt complete with a take home Nerf blaster for each kid and a make your own monster session. Birthdays can also be stressful. Just look at what parents have said about the stress of birthday parties.

Birthdays Infographic

At least with this Netflix service you can have your kid’s favorite characters give them a special birthday wish.

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