1st Paddle of 2008

I know it is so late in coming and I have not been updating this blog lately but I haven’t been on the water and haven’t been motivated to talk about kayaking because I miss it.

Well, last night I went for a paddle with my friend Meghan. She had three kayaks, two one person ones and one two person one. We opted for the two person boat. I wish I had my waterproof camera with me because I would have been much less paranoid about getting my camera wet but we managed. I even got a great Photo-A-Day Shot. Here are some of the other shots.

Kayaking w/ Meghan
Meghan took quite a few photos backwards, I wonder how they came out. I should have grabbed copies.

Sunset in Warren, RI
I loved the clouds on the water on this one and the sun flare.

Kayaking w/ Meghan
Intentional use of fill flash so that I could get even lighting.

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