Photo-A-Day #779b 05/27/07

Today Allison and I went to West Falmouth Harbor for a morning paddle. The water was very calm and there were some beautiful sailboats in the harbor. We paddled around and I took some photos.

Photo-A-Day #779b 05/27/07 Photo-A-Day #779c 05/27/07 Photo-A-Day #779d 05/27/07
Photo-A-Day #779e 05/27/07 Photo-A-Day #779f 05/27/07 052707_779g

We went over to visit Kim and Greg at Cape Cod Kayak. Kim has a ton of new boats at the shop, they are all shiny and new. We chatted with them for a while and told them that Allison was pregnant. So eventually we’ll have to get ourselves a tandem kayak to paddle around with the baby.

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2 Responses to “1st Paddle of the Season”

  1. vijaysbhagat says:

    paddling is really good for health and It can be done for some sort of fun also

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