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  • This weekend Allison and I went to the Cape for Uncle Paul D’s 50th Birthday party. It was a surprise party and he was totally surprised. Then Allison and I headed over to see Kim and Greg for a Halloween party. It was a great party and Kim and Greg made some great Halloween themed […]

  • With the election soon approaching, cast your vote for Pedro. Why Pedro? Because if you vote for him your wildest dreams will come true. By now you are scratching your head because you must be wondering who Pedro is. Obviously you haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite. And why would you? It is a Fox Searchlight production […]

  • So I have two days to come up with my storyline for my novel for NaNoWriMo. I was checking out the site today and there was a great link for people who may be interested in creating their own fantasy world. The setting is a very important part of the story and building a world […]

  • If you receive a message from Paypal, and the sender is do not follow the link in your e-mail. It looks legitimate enough but it is a scam. Sign in to and you can forward the fraudulent message to If you sign into your Paypal account you can read the message “Protect […]

  • If you are going in to Boston tomorrow to watch the Parade here is the parade route. Route For additional parade information see Tweet