2005……. Coming Soon…..

With 2005 right around the corner I look back on the year that was. Lots of big changes this past year. We lost a long time family member in Sophie our dog. And on a happy note Allison and I got engaged and I got a new job.

A preview of the coming year and a look ahead promises: our wedding, more travel for me, more challenges for both of us, possibly a house, and some fun times as always, all of which will be documented for posterity here so stay tuned.

I would also mention that 2005 is the year of the Transformer since that is the year that Transformers the Movie (the original cartoon one from the 80’s) was set. It is too bad that the live action movie isn’t coming till 2006 but 2005 should be a great Transformers year anyways.

Also the trivia contest has become more and more popular. Over 100 people played this past month.

Be safe tonight and celebrate the coming of the New Year in style. Allison and I are heading to Derek and Michelle’s for a get together. I’m trying out a new Chicken wing recipe and will let you know how to make it if it goes over well.

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