Photo-A-Day #180 10/05/05

Today I drove from North Attleboro, MA to Potsdam, NY. It was a long ride but very enjoyable because of the leaves turning colors on the trees and the lack of traffic on the road. I was also listening to the Chronicles of Narnia and finished The Magician’s Nephew and three of the four CD’s for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I had read these books back in high school and loved them very much. Neil and Andrea lent the CD’s to Allison and I a while back and Allison has already listened to the first two books. I should be well on my way through book four by the drive home on Friday.

So On my ride up I stopped at many different areas to take pictures. I had lunch in Lake Placid at Jack Frost’s and finally aririved in Potsdam to stay at the Clarkson Inn. If you would like to see the other pictures check them out at my Flickr account. I opened that account the other day. More photo’s More places to put them.

Flickr Photos

Rest Area, originally uploaded by abennett96.

The other day I signed up for a Flickr account. And today I took my first stab at using it. It went smoothly except the photos were uploaded in reverse order. Here is photo number one. To see a bunch of really nice shots in Upstate New York click on the photo and then look at the other photos in the set by going to the previous photos in the set. The good thing that Flickr does is it gets the timestamp correct. Buzznet doesn’t get that right at all. I’ve put in a message to the help desk but they haven’t fixed it. No matter when I post on Buzznet it is 6 hours off when I blog the image to this site and 3 hours off when I blog it to the Buzznet site and there is no fixing the times.