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  • Photo-A-Day #204 10/29/05 Posted by: abennett96. Halloween is coming up so here is a black cat for you. Actually I am headed out tonight with some friends and probably won’t be back before midnight to get the Photo-A-Day up. so Oliver volunteered to sit and stare at me for this picture. He’s good at just […]

  • Photo-A-Day #203 10/28/05 Posted by: abennett96. I stopped off at Hopkinton State Park on the ride home today. I picked up my car from the Honda Dealership and stuck to the back roads home till I felt comfortable that the car would not crap out on me at all, but they did a great job […]

  • Maureen of We’re in a Fight found this fun little time waster. Yahoo! Games – Downloads – Miller Beer Run Tweet

  • Photo-A-Day #202 10/27/05 Posted by: abennett96. I am in the Fargo North Dakota Airport, the Hector International Airport. I thought that this was an interesting looking plane. They have an aviation museum here on the grounds. I think this may be one of the earliest Photo-A-Day shots yet. I’m certainly up too early to be […]

  • Photo-A-Day #201 10/26/05 Posted by: abennett96. I am in Fargo North Dakota today. So this week I knocked off two states from my state map. I’m not sure how many more I have to go to have visited all 50 but I think I am about halfway there. Got a great pin from this shop. […]

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