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  • Happy Halloween everyone. Here are a few fun things for alloween that I have found for you to play with. First is a trivia quiz through AOl. It is about what TV characters wore in Halloween Episodes. The next is a list of the worst cosutmes. I can’t believe that some of these were actually […]

  • Today Allison and I were at the Cape. We slept late and had a wonderful night of sleep. It is so great to sleep down there. Despite the wind I, as usual, heard nothing and slept so well. Two pages of my book Tyrannosaur Canyon and I was out like a light. This morning I […]

  • I am in the market to purchase one of these ones. I know a friend who has the Sanyo Xacti C6 and he really likes it. It is about time to replace my Sanyo Xacti C4 with a better upgraded model. I’m pretty excited about finding one and getting it. Now that I know how […]

  • Today Allison and I drove down to the Cape to catch the end of the Cape Cod Marathon. I got a chance to use my new telephoto lens and camera. The spot is definitely on the senor of the camera. So it looks like I have to send it in to get fixed. Luckily it […]

  • I can’t decide against the iPod or the Zune. I think I may give in eventually and get an iPod. I really want the Zune because the radio is built in but the iPod has been around for much longer and there are so many more cool accessories for the iPod. There is an alarm […]