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  • While I was in Best Buy today I took a look at two Canon cameras. The first was the SD800 Digital ELPH and the second was the SD900 Digital ELPH. Both Cameras were pretty sweet but the SD900 was a 10MP where the SD800 was only 7MP. The SD900 is made of a titanium casing. […]

  • Today on my way home from the airport I stopped into a couple of stores to see the differences between a few cameras that I had been looking into purchasing. The most helpful store was Best Buy. I talked with a guy there on the type of camera I was looking for. I want an […]

  • I just talked to Allison, Jack is out of the coma. He seems to be doing well at the moment. Please still keep him in his prayers for a healthy recovery. Tweet

  • First I would like to say that today;s is my Mom’s birthday so Happy Birthday Mom! I’m looking forward to going out to dinner with Mom Dad and Allison on Thursday night to celebrate. Also please keep a dear friend of our family in your prayers. I just found out from Allison last night that […]

  • is stepping into the video download fray with Amazon Unbox. They are selling episodes of TV shows for $1.99 each to download. It is called Unbox because you are not buying the complete season in a boxed set. You can pick and choose your favorite episodes. They have TV shows like Arrested Development, Prison […]