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  • Tonight Allison and I went to Rancho Chico with my sister Tara, Erik and Dad. Erik is heading back ti India on Friday so we wanted to spend a night out at dinner with him before he left. I snapped this picture of the decor on the way out. Tweet

  • That is correct, Allison has started her own blog. It is called Sparky’s View. And in her own words of description she is going to blog about her new hobby of Knitting, Family and B.E. Makeup, as well as, whatever else comes to mind. Allison is a terrific writer and spend much time behind the […]

  • I was going to save this guy for a later video of the week but I would probably forget about it eventually. Anyway there is this guy, Greg Pattillo, who is playing a flute and beat boxing to some of the classic themes of our time, namely the Sesame Street Theme, Super Mario Brothers Theme […]

  • Lately I have posted on many new sites that are using the multi-site browsing Web 2.0 stuff. What does all that mean, why are there so many sites with tons of little images that link out to other sites. Well, they are a way for people to experience as many blogs as they can in […]

  • Living in New England you see lots of old cemeteries with rock walls around them. I remember when I was a kid in grade school I was an altar boy and I had to do a funeral at this cemetery. I drive by it almost every day for work. I like to take back roads, […]

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