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  • Today’s Photo-A-Day was taken with my XShot in the dealer room at BotCon 2007. There was a giant statue of Optimus Prime from the Transformers Movie. I had to get a shot of me with Optimus Prime. Today I am attending many seminars and panels and tonight there will be a concert by Stan Bush […]

  • BotCon_07_cr, originally uploaded by BenSpark. Wheeljack was my first Transformer and this person made a SWEET! costume that is dang near perfect of my favorite Autobot Mad Scientist. Tweet

  • Today was day two of BotCon 2007 for me. After last night’s amazing adventure of seeing the Transformers Movie Twice I had a hard time getting to sleep. I also hung out with the guys from and some of the IDW people as well. So sleep for me came at 4:00am and ended at […]

  • I have to say that the response to BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest… it was more than I expected. I had hoped that more people would have entered the contest but the buzz that those seven people generated for this contest was overwhelming. I looked back through my stats from My Blog Log to see where […]

  • I found an online program where you can get 6 free passes and a $250.00 visa gift card.

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    "Looks pretty neat. The built in quickness of play seems like it would help keep it interesting too, no…" (read more)
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    "So do I. He's excellent in that role and he is the perfect Doctor Strange!" (read more)
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    "I absolutely love him in Sherlock." (read more)