Photo-A-Day #813 06/30/07

Me and Robot Optimus Prime

Today’s Photo-A-Day was taken with my XShot in the dealer room at BotCon 2007. There was a giant statue of Optimus Prime from the Transformers Movie. I had to get a shot of me with Optimus Prime.

Today I am attending many seminars and panels and tonight there will be a concert by Stan Bush (He sing the song The Touch from the 1986 Transformers movie). So I will be busy going and finding out many things about the movie and the toys and lots of behind the scenes stuff.

During one of the panels I met David Willis who writes and draws a webcomic called Shortpacked. He was a pretty nice unassuming guy to meet in person. I like his web comic and told him so. I even gave him one of my BenSpark cards.

I met a few other people and recruited them to help me on a video that I will be releasing soon. I have to get to work on it. I’m not sure if I will have it ready for tomorrow but I certainly hope so.

I picked up a few of the vintage Transformers comics that I was still missing. Only 20 more to go to have the full US run from Marvel. Some prices were good and some were outrageous. Wish me luck finding more.

I took many more pictures and added them to my BotCon 2007 Gallery on Flickr. Enjoy.