Dang it!

I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 today and blew away my pages. I put my disclosure page back up but I still need to put up my set of links, the Photo-A-Day widget directions, the About Me page and My blogrolls. I’ll get those back up right away. I have so much to fix.

Okay my wife is a genius I didn’t even think about it but she mentioned Google Cached pages. I was able to do that and get all the pages back. Thanks hon.

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Can the News be Personal…

There is an interesting website out there called Thoof. Thoof learns about the type of stories that you might like and presents them to you. And you in turn can decide if you like a story or you are going to dismiss it as not interesting. You are in control over the personalized news that is delivered your way. And that is not the only thing about Thoof that is interesting. In fact if you generate content and submit it to Thoof then you can see how interesting the content is to other readers. This interest takes the form of ThoofRank.

ThoofRank is the percentage which your article is of interest to readers. The lower the percentage the lower interest your article has for it. And stories start out low in ThoofRank and as more people read the story and find it interesting your ThoofRank will increase. And unlike some other sites you aren’t going to get an overinflated rank and neither will anyone else because there is no way to game the ThoofRank system. I posted an article about BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. Here is the ThoofRank Widget that I can post on my blog regarding the story. I’ll also attach it to the actual story here on this blog.

Submitting your own stories to Thoof is very simple. First choose a post that has come meaning, something interesting and then sign into Thoof. There is a tab at the top of the page that says Submit Story. Click that tab and you are brought to the story submission screen. Here you can grab the Thoof It bookmark and that will make your story submissions much easier. I had already bookmarked the Thoof it tag and so I opened up the FuelMyBlog Blog and went into my recent Tech Tuesday with BenSpark post. I clicked the Thoof it bookmark and was immediately transported to the submit story screen. However the link to the story as well as the title were already filled out. All I had left to do was write a short summary of the content of the story and add some keywords that users could use to search for a story like this.

Here is the ThoofRank badge for that story.

Thoof is a pretty fun site and there are many interesting stories on Thoof. I’ll be submitting more of them in the future.

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Tech Tuesday is now up…

This week’s Tech Tuesday with BenSpark post is up at FuelMyBlog’s Blog as well as on Flatwater Tech. Remember you also get 5 points for commenting on each of those posts. Let me know what you think of the DIY project and do you have a DIY project that I could take on for a future Tech Tuesday post? Oh and 15 points for commenting on three of the photos. Two from Flickr and 1 from Zooomr. I also posted a bunch of photos to Zooomr today, they qualify for points for comments. I know it is a contest and leaving a quick comment you may be tempted to leave a three word sentence, but I am sincerely looking for any feedback about the photos as long as it is constructive. Thanks.

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The past month of July brought no new epsiodes of The Wired Kayaker. It was also a month that I didn’t get a chance to kayak at all. I won’t be going back on the water till the 18th or so. I appreciate everyone visiting. If you have an outdoors blog and would like me to write a post about it leave me a link in the comments and I will check it out.

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