Get out and Bike..

I have a bike, It is hanging in the garage and I have not used it once this year. It is a MT bike and paid pretty good money for it to have all the latest fancy gadgets. But do I ride it, not that much. The last time I remember riding my bike was last summer on Cape Cod. I rode my bike on the Shining Sea Bike Path. This is a great little Bike Path that runs from Falmouth to Woods Hole.

I guess I really don’t need a fancy bike that goes off road and on when all I ever do is ride the bike on bike paths leisurely down the beach. That is why I have been giving much thought to selling my fancy expensive bike and getting back to basics, albeit with some style. I’ve been checking out the beach cruiser bikes on Copacabana These are well made quality bikes made for cruising up and down the boardwalks and bike paths. I need a beach bike because that is where I do the bulk of my bike riding. I even picked one out that I really like.

That bike is the Firmstrong Bruiser and it is only $134.99. The bike comes in 24 or 26 inch sizes and would be great for riding along on the Shining Sea Bike Path. Or I could take this bike and go PhotoBiking, it would be a form of PhotoWalking except I’d be on a bike and stop places to take photos. I could even rig up my Wired Kayaker tripod set up and film a Wired Kayaker show while riding on a beach cruiser. That would be an interesting show to do.

Now I went for one of the higher prices beach cruisers. Higher Priced? Yes, that was on the high end, there are beach cruisers that you can pick up for less than that. For example this Marley Abyssinia Blue cruiser is only $94.99.

That is a terrific price for a bike, not to mention a beach cruiser bike which ordinarily can be found for much higher prices. Copacabana is based in Portland OR they can help customers save money because their bikes are some of the lowest prices on the Internet. They even have reasonable shipping because they subsidize part of the shipping costs on each bike. If you like in California, first of all why don’t you already have a beach cruiser bike what with all the great beaches and boardwalks there, anyway I digress, if you live in California the shipping cost for you are even lower. So you have no reason not to pick up a great bike and get out on the boardwalk. You could have your bike within 24 hours of order via FedEx or UPS.

I have been hearing about beach cruiser bikes for a while now and I have to say the thought of simplicity and enjoying the ride for the ride alone is very appealing. I could sell Alison’s bike as well and pick her up a Micargi Pantera Lady 24″ Beach Cruiser and it comes in many different colors, not just the pink like the photo below.

And of course we are having kids and I think a little Baby BenSpark might really enjoy a Firmstrong Urban Boy Beach Cruiser or a Firmstrong Urban Girl Beach Cruiser depending upon the gender of Baby BenSpark. Of course, it will be a while before we will need one for them but you can’t plan too early.

Writing about these beach cruisers has reaffirmed that I want to do a Wired Kayaker Episode on a Bike. So I will look into doing that sometime in the future. In the meantime find a great place to cruise and look into the great bikes and great prices at Copacabana your body will thank you for the exercise as well as for the sweet ride.

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