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  • Dr. Derek is now in South Dakota. And we will miss him and Michelle and Nicholas very much. Derek and I go back to high school where I was a bit of a jerk as evidenced by what I wrote in his yearbook. He brings that out to show me from time to time. But […]

  • Green Thumb Sunday Join Green Thumb Sunday I had to dip into the vault of flower photos for this one. Been a Busy weekend getting ready for baby. One of my Green Thumb Sunday photos made it into my 2008 Photo-A-Day Calendar that I am selling to raise money for a former classmate and her […]

  • Tomorrow is the last day to submit images for the XShot 2: Photos From You contest. And if you have been holding out on getting your very own XShot then let me remind you that tomorrow is the last day to use my Promo code of SPARK0907, that will get you $5.00 off the retail […]

  • The CW has a new show out called Gossip Girl. It is from the same people that brought you the O.C. So you know it is going to be popular. That is one of the themes of Gossip Girl, popularity. If you aren’t being talked about then you are not popular. One of the characters […]