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  • So tomorrow PayPerPost is going through a name change to IZEA. That is according to Colleen at Simple Kind of Life. I learned about this by reading a post by Robert Scoble who linked to Colleen’s post. It seems like pretty big news to not be announced to all of the bloggers who are part […]

  • Today Allison, Eva and I said farewell to Mimi Marcia. I’m going to have to get back to making sure things are washed and cleaned around here. Marcia was a huge help around the house and cooked us some very tasty meals while she visited. She got home safely and we are looking forward to […]

  • It has been 3 weeks and all of the flowers that Allison got for the birth of Eva Grace have died. They were so beautiful too. She got roses and many other various flowers and they really spruced u our bedroom. We have to keep our flowers in our bedroom or else we would need […]

  • A friend of mine online named Elizabeth, she writes some great blogs, posted about spammers on her blog. She asked the question about no longer doing the do follow list because she gets many spam comments. I posted a comment. I have adopted a hard line stance on comments on my blogs and put up […]

  • Halloween is a time when the creepy crawlies come out of the woodwork. But what if they are coming out of your mattress and biting you at night. I am talking about bed bugs. You know the saying, “Sleep Tight and don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite”. Well up till a few years ago I […]