‘Evil’ Ted and ‘Luigi’ Andrew – PAD #1057

'Evil' Ted and 'Luigi' Andrew - PAD #1057

Today I went and visited IZEA for IZEA loco. It was a very, very fun day. I took video, photos and more photos. I am uploading them all to Flickr and will sort them out and make them public tomorrow. I have no idea when I will get the video edited. Did anyone watch the live feed of IZEA Loco? Did I look like a goof? I will write more about it tomorrow. I have to get to sleep tonight for our trip to Sea World Tomorrow. We are going to go and see Mo.

After IZEA we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and to walk around. I will also write more about that tomorrow as well. I had a really good day today. Much better than yesterday. And I got to hang out with Ashley today and he is feeling much better. I did razz him a little about yesterday and ‘abandoning’ me. But I was able to catch Lost so things are cool.

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I’m on Vacation

As you can see my my vacation countdown I am now on Vacation. I am so excited to start 10 days of sun and fun in Florida. The vacation officially starts when I visit IZEA HQ today. I’m going there for the Friday IZEA Loco. This one should be extra special as it is leap year!

I’ll be wearing a Mad Gringo Shirt and Green Baseball cap. Had I known that there would be a contest for the best green outfit I would have prepared, but alas communication with my contact was not stellar.

Tomorrow I am very excited to go to Sea World. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. I am pretty excited to see Shamu, go through the Shark tunnel and take a buttload of photos.