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  • Today I went and visited IZEA for IZEA loco. It was a very, very fun day. I took video, photos and more photos. I am uploading them all to Flickr and will sort them out and make them public tomorrow. I have no idea when I will get the video edited. Did anyone watch the […]

  • As you can see my my vacation countdown I am now on Vacation. I am so excited to start 10 days of sun and fun in Florida. The vacation officially starts when I visit IZEA HQ today. I’m going there for the Friday IZEA Loco. This one should be extra special as it is leap […]

  • I am getting so sick of link exchange solicitations. People with brand new ‘make money’ crap blogs are constantly contacting me to exchange links. My latest one was “pulasthi said: hello there, I have a pr7 blog, I would like to exchange links with your quality blog. Please let me know if you are […]

  • Here’s a warning. I am was in a grumpy mood. There was a long rant ahead (no it is just about the Internet connection). The convention ended today. I was done and out by 1:00pm. That went very well and in my opinion was a successful week. Communication is so easy with all of the […]

  • Today was another long day at the convention center. It was much busier than previous days, too. People were also recognizing me and Steve as the Blue Brothers from the night before. So, that was fun. Tonight I went out to dinner with a bunch of folks from work. We went to a tapas […]

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