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  • We come to the close of April and that means the end to the April Challenge. This was an interesting one and I think Allison is going to be pretty happy that I am not taking photos of depressing broken down things anymore. Today’s photo is of a building that I drive by daily. This […]

  • A big thank you to IZEA for the great Postie Pack. Now, how did they know that Cinco De Mayo was my favorite holiday? Mobile post sent by BenSpark using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3 Tweet

  • I’m a new dad so maybe I’m no expert but one thing that we continue to do with Eva is take her places. I’m into photography, you might have noticed my link to The BenSpark on the right, that is my main blog for my Photo-A-Day Project. Well, Allison and I just joined a photography […]

  • I am a day late with this and will tell you that yes, there will be spoilers. Of the episodes this year this one has to be one of my favorites. Was it the ‘Bro Code’, ‘The Devil’s Three-way’, ‘Barnabas Stinson’ or the Goat? No, it was skymall. Yes, skymall is what totally made it […]

  • The April Challenge is slowly coming to an end. I again scrambled to find something for the theme and thought of the cat’s scratching post. I had some trouble capturing Duncan and stuffing him in the sitting spot to get this shot. He finally cooperated and I think he’s been sitting there since. I think […]