Crusted and Rusted… PAD #1118

Crusted and Rusted... PAD #1118

We come to the close of April and that means the end to the April Challenge. This was an interesting one and I think Allison is going to be pretty happy that I am not taking photos of depressing broken down things anymore. Today’s photo is of a building that I drive by daily. This used to be a market a town over from us. I went there once in a while as a kid to buy candy with my cousins. It was called Falk’s Market. And now the place is in complete disrepair. It is up for sale and would be a nice place to put something into so as to help revitalize the small downtown of Plainville. I originally wanted to photograph the name on the building but wasn’t as happy with the photo. Here it is so you can decide.

Falk's Market

Today I came home to a Postie Pack. IZEA has been sending these out for different holidays and this time around it was my turn. I received a mini Piñata, a cactus finger puppet, a cactus shot glass, a cactus pen, a maraca, some jelly beans, some beads, some hot candies and a card. I tried making a video (see post below) with Eva before dinner and I guess the sound didn’t take. Sorry about that. But I really appreciate being chosen. Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday too! I’ll have to do a Mexican yell and a shot on Monday.

The May Challenge starts tomorrow. You up for it?

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