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  • Photo-A-Day #972 12/06/07, originally uploaded by BenSpark. I took this one a while ago in December. Here is the description from that day. This is for Photo Hunters. This week’s theme is Self. I didn’t find anyone to shoot a portrait of today. So that is two self portraits for the December Challenge. After a […]

  • When Eva raises her hands up like this we always say So Big in a sing-song voice. Now she does it on her own instead of mimicking us. We are up at Nate and Sarah’s for the night. They were thrilled to spend some time with Eva today. We were supposed to help out with […]

  • Recently we’ve gotten quite a few Wii games, It started with the Guitar Hero 3 game, then Super Smash Brothers Brawl then Mario Kart Wii and now with the Wii Fit. Allison is a fierce competitor. I usually kick butt right out of the gate. Video games come pretty natural to me as I spent […]

  • Spoilers if you didn’t see the show, stop reading NOW! Lost last night blew me away and that was before the freighter Blew up. The show started right where Season 3 ended with Jack shouting at a leaving Kate “We have to go back” suddenly we see brakelights and Kate whips the car in reverse […]

  • The bushes in the front yard are in bloom. I am looking forward to going to Sphor Gardens to take photos of the ones that they have. They should look awesome by next weekend. I wrote my latest Guest Blogger post for IZEA today. It was all about how you can use Flickr to promote […]

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