Photo Hunters: Self 05/31/08

Photo-A-Day #972 12/06/07, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

I took this one a while ago in December. Here is the description from that day. This is for Photo Hunters. This week’s theme is Self.

I didn’t find anyone to shoot a portrait of today. So that is two self portraits for the December Challenge. After a 2 hour drive, a dinner alone and another hotel to check into I took my gorillapod, set it up on the shower rod, set my point and shoot to timer, color accent mode and no flash. Then after a bunch of not so great photos I decided upon this one. I wanted the red on the T-shirt to really pop, but I am pink so my skin tone showed up on the color select. I used PhotoShop Elements to edit the saturation and contrast to get this effect. More at The BenSpark

So Big… PAD #1149

So Big... PAD #1149

When Eva raises her hands up like this we always say So Big in a sing-song voice. Now she does it on her own instead of mimicking us. We are up at Nate and Sarah’s for the night. They were thrilled to spend some time with Eva today.

We were supposed to help out with a yard sale to raise funds for the Relay for Life. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out and the yard sale has been postponed to next weekend. However we are doing a Lighthouse photo tour next weekend and can’t help out. I’ve been trying to raise donations for the Relay but I am hesitant to send out another mass e-mail because I think those have been bugged people in the past. I sent out one recently (last month) to see if I could get some help on a project where I tried to get photos of hope that I can put together into a video slide show for a family that really needs some hope right now. I got a few responses and not at all as many as I would have thought. I’m still accepting photos if anyone is interested please send them to hopephotos at benspark dot com. What I am looking for are photos of bloggers holding messages of hope for a family fighting Cancer. I am going to put them all together into a video set to music to send to the family for Father’s day. And part of why Allison and I are walking in the Relay for Life is in honor of this family’s fight. If you are so inclined I’d appreciate any donations you can give. I’ve also set up an incentive program for bloggers who donate.

On our way up to Nate and Sarah’s we stopped off for lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Here is a photo of that momentous meal. This was just after Eva had spent some time at Harry and Sherrie’s and learned another thing that makes her laugh. We also stopped and picked up all four Percy Jackson and the Olympians books in hardcover. I can’t wait to read them on my trip out to California next week.

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