Read to Me, Dad… PAD #1179

Read to Me, Dad... PAD #1179

You may or may not be aware that I have another blog. That blog is called Read To Me, Dad. That is a blog that I decided to start before Eva was born. It was to be the blog where I would review different books as well as other child related items and maybe occasionally some parenting advice. I try to steer away from the advice part because I am such a new Dad that I’m sure many far more experienced fathers would be better suited to such things. So I only offer the advice occasionally.

Today I wrote my last guest post of June for the IZEA Blog. I have two months left of guest postings to do. I have really loved being able to write these guest posts too and hope that somehow you have enjoyed reading them as well. In today’s post I talked about procrastination. I do it often. I end up spending time doing needless things and don’t get to the things I need to do for my blogs. And one of those things is to write quality posts on each blog. So today I came home, and read Eva the book Olivia. She is really interested in holding the books and touching them, or rather slamming her little hands all over them and trying to eat them. So while she was holding this book I snapped a bunch of shots, there is another one over at Read To Me, Dad. I’m making a personal pledge to update that blog at least 2 times a week and read Eva a different story each day. So, you can read the Olivia review today.

Today I also hopped back over to the FuelMyBlog Blog and posted my weekly photo challenge, this week’s them is Read White & Blue in honor of the 4th of July.

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Book Review: Olivia


Today I read Eva Olivia by Ian Falconer. Ian wrote and illustrated the book. This is a fun book for parents to read to their rambunctious kids because Olivia is a precocious little pig who likes to wear people out. Do your kids often try on everything they own before they go out for the day, how about trying to recreate a Jackson Pollack painting on the living room wall. These and other things are what Olivia excels at, however she is still cute and fun so we can’t get too mad at her. The writing is simple and the illustrations are very well done yet retain a very simple look. Eva kept trying to pick up the book over and over. So since it was a board book I let her go to it. And then I picked up my camera for a few shots.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – short, not many words. The illustrations tell a great tale. And you can describe the illustrations to add to the story.
  • Re-Read-ability – Very good, I think Eva will like the Olivia books more and more as she gets older.
  • Illustrations – Excellent – Where Jan Brett is amazingly detailed Ian Falconer tells a tale in so many fewer lines.
  • Message – Good – Not much of a message here. The story is cute however.
  • Plot – Fair – Not really a plot however we are introduced to Olivia for future books in the Olivia Series. There are a few more books.
  • Characters – Great – Your kids will love Olivia and her precocious nature.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva wants to eat the book and touch it more than hear the words and the things I say about each illustration.
  • Recommended Ages4 to 8