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  • You may or may not be aware that I have another blog. That blog is called Read To Me, Dad. That is a blog that I decided to start before Eva was born. It was to be the blog where I would review different books as well as other child related items and maybe occasionally […]

  • Today I read Eva Olivia by Ian Falconer. Ian wrote and illustrated the book. This is a fun book for parents to read to their rambunctious kids because Olivia is a precocious little pig who likes to wear people out. Do your kids often try on everything they own before they go out for the […]

  • I loved Casino Royale and I can’t wait to see Quantum of Solace. This should be amazing. The trailer looks pretty sweet. Tweet

  • Another awesome week of Second Shotz. The group is becoming more and more active and the talent is incredible. Here are my top 3 picks for this week. I’ll get links to the great photographers and photo editor’s websites tomorrow. Again, great job, Check out Chica’s picks. Tweet

  • Today we went up to NH to visit with a few of Allison’s friends. It was a long day, very busy. On the way home we were caught in a downpour but as we got closer to home we saw this rainbow in the distance. I wish it was a bit brighter but I took […]