Archive for December, 2008

  • Many people make New Year’s Resolutions. I make commitments and blog about them all year, so keep me honest.

  • 46 new people started following me on Twitter today. Why? I had no idea until I saw Ted Murphy’s 25 Social Media Peeps I am Watching in 2009 the list is in no particular order but there I am at #4.

  • The T-Shirt I am wearing in this photo could be yours (not the one I am physically wearing, your own brand new one.). I am teaming up with T-Shirt designers TenBills to give away 12 of their shirts to some lucky readers.

  • Grandpa picked up an Asus Eee 900. I helped him get my blog bookmarked on it. Allison wants one of these but she wants the sweet pea green Asus Eee 901. With that she can be much more mobile with Eva.

  • A group shot at North Bowl after we bowled two strings. Got the whole group int he shot with my XShot.