Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Photo-A-Day #1728

2009 is over and it is a time when people are looking back over their year and looking ahead to 2010. Predictions are being made and so are resolutions. I’m doing neither. At least not publicly at this time. Also for me the new year starts April 9. That is my birthday. This year I will turn 36. I’ll be closer to 40 than 30 and that is something I am looking at with a mild case of trepidation. But I’m also looking at this coming year with a lot of excitement.

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My Dinner with Brogan

Photo-A-Day #1727

Tonight I had the unique pleasure to sit down to dinner with Chris Brogan. Chris and I live near each other and a little while back around Affiliate Summit East we met for the first time. We realized that we lived and worked close to each other and so when an opportunity came to connect I asked him if we could meet up. Chris had a window of time tonight and so after a bit of traffic I met up with him at Landmark Center. We met at Fresh City, but being both carnivores we opted for Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.

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