Against The Grain

Photo-A-Day #1759

Good day today. Had breakfast with my brother-in-law and caught up with him. Went to church and Uncle Mike joined us. Went to the North Attleboro Winter Farmer’s Market at Attleboro Farms and got Kettle Corn and Eva a cookie. Saved over $50 while shopping and made out like a bandit at CVS. Started week one of our month of Meal planning with Tex Mex burgers that were delicious. A good day today. Now if only Eva will fall asleep.

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Stay Frosty

Photo-A-Day #1758

Today was a really nice day at home with the family. We were up way to early after a night of being up way too late. Eva would not go to sleep last night so at 2:00am when she was finally asleep Allison put her to bed. I guess that was out punishment for Eva finally taking a nap after a month or so. She’d taken a three hour nap and that really supercharged her with energy. While Allison and I dozed Eva was wide awake watching Winnie-The-Pooh.

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