Enjoying a Beach Day

Eva at the Beach
Photo-A-Day #1879

It was nice having a long weekend here on the Cape. Maybe it was the salt air or maybe all the activity but Eva had some 12 hour+ nights of sleep. With her that rested it made for some really funny antics. She had us in stitches as she asked us to bury her feet in the sand over and over and then with superhuman strength she busted out of that sand to run and giggle and ask once more. Continue reading Enjoying a Beach Day

Eva’s First Kayaking Adventure

Evas First Kayaking Adventure
Photo-A-Day #1878

This morning Allison, Eva and I went to Cape Cod Kayak to join a paddling trip. Our friend Kim hooked us up with a double kayak and a top notch guide in her nephew Josh. Josh has been working in the store and on the water for the past seven years and he is a really great guide. He took us to Monk’s Cove and then around Toby’s Island. It was a really nice paddle with a very big current pushing us along so we cruised so quickly. Continue reading Eva’s First Kayaking Adventure