Easing Back into It

Photo-A-Day #2001

Yesterday was my 2000th Photo-A-Day photo. It came and went without any fanfare. I thought of doing an epic photo like the one that I did for my 1,000th Photo-A-Day photo. Then I went on vacation. Vacation was awesome because I put aside all the trappings of Social Media (minus a few tweets and Facebook posts through the phone).

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Post Vacation Malaise

Post Vacation Malaise
Photo-A-Day #2000

So, we are now back at home after spending nearly a week at Walt Disney World in Florida. Our vacation was a really nice one and it was great to be with the family all week and not do anything online save a few tweets and mobile posts to facebook. Other than that I took a break from Social Media and Blogging. I continued to take my photo every single day because that is what I do. And besides, I was on vacation and so taking photos was a natural fit. Continue reading Post Vacation Malaise