Photo-A-Day #2424

Today was the annual Santa Parade in Downtown North Attleboro. We had a nice day at the house. Eva and I played with our LEGO sets and I’ve started opening a bunch of sets that I bought years ago. I bought a big box to put them all into so that we can use them all together. I may or may not package each set into a separate ziplock bag. I’m not sure how everyone else does their storage of LEGO, I’m sure that there are some good storage systems available. I wonder if it is better to have the sets together or to have all the bricks together so that you build whatever you like. I saw a great new LEGO series the other day at Toys R US called the DINO series. I so want to get all those sets.

We went to my parent’s house before the parade. I helped dad set up a new TV and clean up some branches from the trees and bushes out front. We then walked downtown and caught up with our friends Michele and her kids and Kelly and Casey and their kids. Eva had a wonderful time catching candy and seeing all the fun floats and dance studios. My mom joined us and she danced along too. Andrew was a little trooper, he did pretty well despite the crowd and the noise.

We had an early evening back at the house with dinner thanks to Michele. We enjoyed that as we watched the Elf on the Shelf movie. I pulled Fitzy out of storage the other day and he’s been finding his way around the house. Eva is really enjoying searching for him and discovering him each morning. Now if only I can remember to move him often enough.

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