Is This Snow Going to Stop?

Photo-A-Day #2152

Today was my last day of the month of using the Kodak Z950 and I have to say that it is a solid little point and shoot with many great features built in. As you can probably guess if you look back over the month the feature I liked the most was the ability to make in camera panoramic shots. That is what I did today. Continue reading Is This Snow Going to Stop?

Review and Giveaway: ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

I was given a ToiletTree Foogless Shower Mirror to review from ToiletTree Products. A “punny” name if ever I’d heard one. Well, I normally shave after the shower with a regular razor or before a shower with an electric one. I don’t like shaving with Electrics if I’ve just showered. My face is still to wet to get a good shave.

So I’ve tried this product with my electric razor and with my regular razor. I’ve enjoyed it enough to shave in the shower with my regular razor every day now. I made the switch from Electric back to regular. Which is unfortunate since I have a ton of electrics from last year’s ShaveNewWorld video series. I may go back to electric eventually but for a while I’ll be shaving in the shower with the ToiletTree Fogless Mirror.

The Mirror is fogless because you fill up a space behind the mirror with water. The water needs to be warm or hot. This prevents the mirror from fogging up. You attach the mirror to your shower with a silicon adhesive and double sided tape pieces. You can remove the bracket and reposition it. I probably should do that because I get a bunch of water hitting the mirror itself and while it does not fog it gets tons of water droplets that obscure my view. Luckily, there is a squeegee that comes with the set so you can wipe off the water.

Here is a video on how it works.

I am giving away one of these mirrors to a lucky reader. You must have a valid US. Address to enter.

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