Follow Up on My Review

Back last July I reviewed a pair of glasses from Those glasses have become my primary pair of glasses ever since. I really like how they look on my face. They are also very clear glasses, light glasses and stylish glasses that I enjoy.

So far I’ve ordered and reviewed three pairs of glasses that I got online. The glasses that I now use 99% of the time are the ones I got from They fit the best, look the best and the ones I like the most.

So, for wearing these glasses for close to a year what have I noticed? I’ve noticed that the glasses remain tight and in great condition. I’m also not very good about treating my glasses very well either. I place them on my nightstand each night and I can’t even count how many times I’ve accidentally tossed them across the floor in an early morning haze. Yet, the glasses remain in great condition. Continue reading Follow Up on My Review