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  • One day I saw an ad from Amazon for a helicopter, it was marked down from $200 to $20 so I impulsively bought it. I LOVE it! Flying around the house and the office (on the DL) is so much fun. This copter can take a major beating too.

  • I decided that I had to give myself a little challenge with the TeleNav app. I already know my way around my town but what about a town I was unfamiliar with. Well, I decided upon a town not far from me, Franklin, MA.

  • One of the utility poles that was cracked in hurricane Irene. That wasn’t even the worst one.

  • We spend the first full day without power. We make do with the help of family and friends and a few gadgets.

  • Chuck and his friends are playing their favorite game (chasing bad guys) when they encounter Flip, a new vehicle in the scrap yard. Chuck is not so sure about Flip and challenges him to a stunt contest. In the process, the two realize they can work together and become fast friends.

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  • Drew says

    "Josh, Exactly! It was so easy to learn the game right out of the box and it does stay interesting." (read more)
  • Josh Miller says

    "Looks pretty neat. The built in quickness of play seems like it would help keep it interesting too, no…" (read more)
  • Drew says

    "So do I. He's excellent in that role and he is the perfect Doctor Strange!" (read more)
  • DEBIJOT says

    "I absolutely love him in Sherlock." (read more)