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Photo-A-Day #2427

Our little eating machine. That wobbly little head is always looking for something to eat, when it is not completely passed out. I had Andrew in my arms and he was making all sorts of faces. I got out my phone and took a bunch of shots of him. I’ve been taking a photo every day of Andrew and posting it to a special ShutterCal account. I actually purchased the ShutterCal app for my iPhone and so I cna take photos and post them quickly and easily. I love that option.

SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: UNO Roboto

Uno Roboto

A brand new twist on a family favorite. UNO is one very loved game and nearly everyone I’ve ever met has played it. If you are going on vacation it is so easy to drop a deck of UNO cars into your bag because you can play anywhere. Now UNO has an all new Wildcard. I’m happy to introduce my family to UNO Roboto!

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