More Literal Assembling of Avengers

Photo-A-Day #2579

When I learned that the LEGO Super Heroes line was going to include sets for The Avengers I had to go and pick them up. Mimi and Dano gave me birthday money and with it I ordered all of the currently available sets for the line and also the Wolverine set (not shown above). I’m heading to California tomorrow and knew that this would be a short week with the family so I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. Eva and I put together three LEGO Avengers sets including the Hulk’s Breakout set and the Quinjet set and the Loki’s escape set. I love these LEGO sets and hope that soon there will be one that includes Nick Fury and more of the human Shield agents. Eva had so much fun putting together all the minifigs.

Watching my YesVideo DVDs

A fine touch from YesVideo

Back in March I first wrote about being a YesVideo Ambassador and sending a bunch of Slides, Video Tapes and 8mm movies to be converted to DVDs. Well, I got those back at the beginning of the month but I hadn’t had much time to watch the finished products but I did sit down and watch a bunch of the DVDs right before vacation. I wanted to write about them during vacation but I ended up relaxing and making more memories over vacation than writing about memories of the past. I could barely write about the memories I was making last week, in fact I wrote five days worth of posts in one night and tried to recall major points from our vacation too. So glad I have photos from vacation, so much easier to remember. Continue reading Watching my YesVideo DVDs