My Dinner with @The40YearOldBoy

Photo-A-Day #2610

Tonight I went to dinner with Mike Schmidt, The 40 Year Old Boy. Mike is the host of this one man podcast. He’s explosive, damn honest, funny as hell and speaking in a manner that is so quick that you are sucked into his dialog right away. Mike set up a KickStarter program to fund an East Coast Tour. One of the levels of donation gained you a dinner with Mike along with some of the things pictured above including that custom artwork by his friend David “Mex” Hernandez. I love how he captured my look and the “Zac Brown Hat” I had on my head. I even got a piece of art signed by Mike, David and Lili Lili VonSchtupp his producer. Mike records Wednesdays when all the planets are aligned and occasionally Tuesdays when they are out of whack. He often says that he’s recording from a Stripper’s Kitchen, which he is, as Lili is a Burlesque dancer and promoter of the longest running Burlesque show in LA,the Monday Night Tease. Mike is damn funny and he is that “id” inside that you wish you could get away with once in a while.

I’ve been listening to his show since the middle of year two. I might have gone all the way back to the beginning of that year but I don’t remember. Anyway I like the show, it is not for everyone and if you have sensitive ears to colorful expressions and vulgarity then do not listen. His show is so opposite of everything else in my life that it is a little escape to listen each week. Continue reading My Dinner with @The40YearOldBoy

Documentary Filming at Casey’s Diner

Photo-A-Day #2609

Today I went to Casey’s Diner in Natick to help my buddy Rob Merlino, The Hot Dog Man, create a documentary. Rob wrote up a great post over on The Hot Dog Truck. A very eloquent write up from someone who has loved Casey’s Diner from childhood. I just learned about Casey’s this year and it is a place that you can truly love. It is a no frills diner with solid people doing solid work. Continue reading Documentary Filming at Casey’s Diner