Preview of Our Christmas is for Kids Donation 2012

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Christmas is for Kids is a program in my area that collects christmas gifts for kids to be distributed to parents who are in need. For the last few years we have been fortunate to be able to make donations to the program through the Annual Toy Drive sponsored by Achin’s Garage. Each year we set aside money every month to go on a shopping trip with the kids to buy toys for Christmas is for Kids. We started doing this to help Eva understand how lucky she is and also how we can help people in our area. Toys are things that she can understand. She can feel sad that kids might not have toys on Christmas. She enjoys going and selecting toys for kids. She was also such a big help as we reviewed all of the toys.

Tomorrow is the Toy Drive and I decided to set up all the toys on our stairs like we did last year. I went back in my posts to find all the posts of our trips to the Christmas is for Kids Annual Toy Drive. Check out these past year’s.

I’m blown away by all the great companies that helped us with this year’s donation. I still have a few more to post tomorrow as well.

Give if Forward: The Magic School Bus: Attracted to Magnificent Magnets

Attracted to Magnificent Magnets

Eva is a fan of science, she gets that from my sister Tara. She and Auntie Tara do some fun science projects together. I was really excited to get this set from The Young Scientist’s Club. This will be a fun set of experiments for Eva and Tara to work on together. The set has a bunch of great pieces included and also many experiments to try.

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