Free Skylanders Giants Ninjini Figure at Times Square Toys ‘R’ Us Event February 5th

Where's Ninjini?
My Giants are awaiting their female teammate, Ninjini.

You know that I love Skylanders. I average two Skylanders related posts, photos and Facebook updates each week. I’ve purchased every single released figure so far and the one figure that Eva really wants is Ninjini. She is so enthralled with this character and to be honest I’m excited for her to be released. Well, on February 5th there will be an event in New York City at the flagship Toys “R” Us in Times Square. I so wish that I was able to go to this event but I won’t be in New York until the 10th for Toy Fair. If you are able to go here are the details. Continue reading Free Skylanders Giants Ninjini Figure at Times Square Toys ‘R’ Us Event February 5th

Being a KokoNut

Photo-A-Day #2855

For the past few months I have been going to Koko Fit Club. I am loving it! I had bought a Groupon for a 1 month trial and I admit, I sat on it for a long time. I was a few days away from it running out when I went in to redeem it. When I went in I immediately knew that this was the place for me.

In the past few months I have seen my strength increase, my fitness level increased my cardio fitness. I’ve achieved the first level for a new lanyard and am nearing the next level. I’ve participated in some challenges and in one I did not do well but I crushed the second one that I did. I love the challenges and I love each days workouts also. I like how the machine tells me which exercise to complete and how much weight to use for each set. I love how the cardio programs have a trainer in your ear telling me when to increase the incline and the speed. I also learn some great fun facts as I do each session.

I feel challenged and engaged in every workout. This is something that I know I will keep up with for a long time to come. Check back with my photo next year to see how I’m doing.