Watch Your Eggs

Photo-A-Day #2914

Easter Sunday today and the kids were wonderful. They cooperated pretty well when we got them up early for Church. They behaved pretty well in Church (Andrew was a bit fussy and had to go outside a few times). After Church we went over to my parents for Easter Brunch and an Easter egg hunt inside the house and outside the house.

Last night Allison and I stuffed the eggs that we had with Hershey bunnies, Kisses, Reeses Peanut Butter cups and York Peppermint patties. We emptied all of the bags too. So we had a lot of eggs. We also set up the kids Easter baskets and a note from the Easter Bunny explaining that he hid the eggs at Mem and Grandfather’s because our “naughty kitties” would have moved the hidden eggs all night long.

While Eva drew pictures in the kitchen my Dad and I put out the eggs in the front yard. We pretty much littered the yard with them so that they were easy enough for Andrew to find. Continue reading Watch Your Eggs

Skylanders Bad Ass Bird, Jet-Vac

Photo-A-Day #2913

On of the more fun Skylanders Giants figures has been Jet-Vac. I love his vacuum gun that can blow out bursts of air but also suck bad guys in and render them toast. You can also walk around and suck in random birds around the game. That is actually one of the quests for Jet-Vac, to suck 50 birds into the vacuum gun.

It was a nice day today so we spent a few hours cleaning up the sidewalk around the house. I swept the sand off the sidewalk and Eva helped me out as well. Allison started in on the flowerbeds and picked up many leaves while wrangling Andrew. The kids were very good while we worked.

Then it was time for the kids to get their Easter haircuts. Eva was an angel and enjoyed getting her hair cut. Andrew took some wrangling, but in the end he got his hair cut as well.

We had a quiet afternoon and watched the movie Despicable Me. Allison and I laughed pretty hard while watching it, Eva fluctuated between not liking it and then liking it. Andrew was transfixed for a bit and fairly cuddly. He must have been tired, he gets cuddly and affectionate when he is tired.