Wheeljack and the Kick

Photo-A-Day #2944

It was a very busy day today and so when it came down to taking my daily photo I looked for something I hadn’t tried yet. I have my new Kick and I played around with different lighting shades and intensities. I took Wheeljack and shined the light on him from above so as to black out everything else around it. I like how it came out but there seems to be lines on the image. Not all my images had the lines on them but this one had the look I wanted. Continue reading Wheeljack and the Kick

Exploring the Walt Disney Family Museum at the #MonstersUEvent

Welcome to the Walt Disney Family Museum

While I was in San Francisco for the Monsters University Event I also got the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum which is located in The Presidio. All 25 of the bloggers who attended Monsters University along with our awesome Disney Pr Rep, Marshall Weinbaum, took the tour. We split into two groups so that we’d be able to hear our tour guides better. If you go to the museum bring your camera because they allow non-flash photos to be taken which is great because there are so many fun pieces to see at the museum.

In the main lobby there are many awards that Walt Disney won. I think it was something like a 10th of the overall awards that he won in his lifetime or something like that. There were Academy Awards, humanitarian awards, foreign awards and many more. I was blown away by how many awards were in the lobby and found it hard to imagine how there could be more, there were so many. Before the tour got underway I poked around and looked at all the awards that were on the walls. So many of them were elaborate trophies for all sorts of things. One of the coolest ones was a trophy statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was huge! Continue reading Exploring the Walt Disney Family Museum at the #MonstersUEvent