Happy Halloween 2013

Photo-A-Day #3128

Today was Halloween. Eva was very excited because she got to wear her costume to school for a nice little Halloween Party. We saw later on the school’s Facebook page that there was a photo of the kids in their costumes and Eva was right there front and center in the shot. She was so excited about her costume and couldn’t wait to wear it. She went as a witch. A good witch.

After school we went over to my parent’s house so that Eva and Andrew could show off their costumes and also so that Eva could visit with my Mom and sister. Eva had given them instructions on how to dress up for Halloween and they were in costume for her. I’m not allowed to post the photos, though.

Andrew refused to put on any costume that we had for him, dinosaur… no, police officer… no he wouldn’t even put on the waitress outfit that he likes wearing from time to time. So, Allison put on his Red Sox Sweat Shirt and painted on a beard and he was totally happy to go like that. He was a big hit with my parents and all around the neighborhood, too. Continue reading Happy Halloween 2013

This Pumpkin Weighs as Much as Me

Photo-A-Day #3127

I finally picked up a Pumpkin for Halloween today. I got a big one, too. It is 27 pounds which is as much as Andrew. He helped me scoop out the seeds and gunk. I swear that the walls of this pumpkin are at least 2 inches thick, too. And before I go to bed I’ve got to cut a face into it. No artisan pumpkin for us. At least not till we have more free time to put into carving a pumpkin.