Visiting the King

Photo-A-Day #3220

Today I was run down and felt really sick. Allison was back volunteering at Eva’s School and I had Andrew for the morning before I slept for work. He got up again around 3am and Allison got him back to sleep. He won’t go back down for me even though I tried.

I spent the morning trying not to be jealous of my friends Chris (@DadOfDivas), Adam (@DadaRocks) and Jeff (@OWTK) who are in New Orleans at the Dad 2.0 Summit. It just wasn’t in the cards this year or the budget. taking a look at their Instagram images and Facebook updates I saw that the hashtag was #RealDadMoments and I had to laugh a little as I worked on the bills, discovered my son (who has recently learned how to open child locks) sifting through the DVD collection, cleaned up cat shit and puke, changed diapers and tried to figure out what my son was saying. Having a fun time at a conference and hashtagging it Real Dad Moments. Well, I had a little fun with that. Maybe I’m just feeling left behind in this whole blogging thing overall.

Even though I was feeling awful I took Andrew over to the Zoo, just to get us out of the house, and for me to take photos of something other than the inside of our house. I figured I could get him tired so that he could sleep for Allison but that didn’t happen. He was not tired at all. The kid’s a machine when he wants to be.

This photo was shot with the Samsung NX300 with the 18-200mm lens as part of the Imagelogger program.

I Love the Smell of Play-Doh in the Morning

Photo-A-Day #3219

Was up early this morning because Andrew did not sleep well. We watched some TV and snuggled a bit but he would not go back to sleep.

Took Eva to school and then did my strength test at Koko Fit Club. I was happy with the overall results. I went up considerably in the Leg Press. I went up on everything but the leg press was huge.

Came home and it was me and Andrew for the afternoon. Allison volunteered at Eva’s School in the afternoon so that the teachers could have a special luncheon. So it was me and Wreck-It Ralph for the afternoon. He played with some Play-Doh in the morning and I took advantage of the great light coming through the side windows.

shot this using the Samsung NX300 with the 30mm Lens.