Who Me, Nap?

Photo-A-Day #3224

Tuesday is that day of the week when it is sort of a wash for me as far as getting any work done. The day is usually take Eva to school, workout and then come home and watch Andrew for he day while Allison goes to volunteer at Eva’s school. Today we switched it up a little bit and went to visit my parents and help them with some iPad stuff. I set them up with a few things on the iPad and they had questions so I went over with Andrew and helped them out.

Did you know that you can share a photo stream with other people. It is only available to those people that you designate. They can also share photos to that stream. We set up one for my parents so that we could share pictures of the kids with them. They are’t on Facebook and this is a great way to keep connected. Not only can you share images and videos but you can comment on them as well.

App Alert: SUPER WHY Phonics Fair

Super Why Phonics Fair

We were provided with a download code for the Super Why Phonics Fair app so that we could try it out and review it. Opinions of that app are 100% our own.

We are readers in our house. Both my wife and I have an extensive collection of books and so do our kids. My daughter is reading small chapter books at six years old and my son is starting to identify his letters and become more verbal. We work had at helping them become readers. Part of our plan for raising readers is helpful reading based apps. We have been impressed with the Super Why apps in the past and this new app is a welcome addition to the group of fun learning apps that we have for the kids. Continue reading App Alert: SUPER WHY Phonics Fair