My Cuddle Bumpkin

Photo-A-Day #3230

I’ve been having to get up with Andrew around 5 each morning. I don’t mind it too much because if I get him up and leave the lights off we get to cuddle a bit before he is off and running for the day. Sometimes he even sits with me for a full hour. It is probably one of the best times of the day even though it is way too early to be up.

DVD Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie-rella

Minnie-rella DVD

We were sent a copy of the newest Disney Junior DVD, Minnie-rella, a collection of some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. Opinions of the DVD and show are 100% our own.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has seen a great resurgence in our house. My son has discovered the show and he absolutely loves his “Me Mow!” The show has become a daily staple and we were getting a bit tired of the ones that are On Demand so when I got the opportunity to review this new DVD I was very, very grateful. Andrew is usually very engaged in the show that we can let him be for a few minutes but not very long at all, he’s learned how to open the baby locks and has taken to making big messes when left to his own devices for longer than a few seconds. So, I end up watching many of these shows with him. works out well, since I review so many of them. Continue reading DVD Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie-rella