The Little Chef

Photo-A-Day #3233

Our little chef just loves mixing with Mommy. He loves being able to stand up on the step stool and use the wisk. He simply enjoys doing the mixing. Of course we have to make sure that he doesn’t go sticking his fingers into the mixture to taste test the raw eggs.

Today Andrew helped make some cornbread muffins. It’s just so happy doing this.

I also think that he really likes his Saint Anselm College Hoodie.

Daniel Tiger’s Big Feelings Week Feb 17-21

Someone Else's Feelings

As a PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent) I often get screeners of the shows on PBS Kids. We received a screen of all of the 5 brand new episodes airing February 17-21 of Daniel Tiger. Since Andrew really likes “D” we sat together and watched these episodes. I am impressed with all of these new episodes which are all about identifying and expressing feelings. With a 2 year old child like Andrew who hasn’t fully developed his ability to communicate in words let alone explore his own feelings it is nice to see a show that illustrates those feelings so clearly. The strategies for dealing with feelings of jealousy and frustration are ones that I know we will use. It was also nice to see an episode about empathy and learning to feel what it was like to be in someone else’s shoes.

I have a full Press Release about the episodes as well as some new additions to the Daniel Tiger site on Continue reading Daniel Tiger’s Big Feelings Week Feb 17-21