February LootCrate – Warriors

Photo-A-Day #3244

Each month I eagerly await a new Loot Crate. This month it has the theme of Warriors. A big part of the crate this time around is the Bravest Warriors. I’ve never heard of them before. It is one of those sorts of pop culture things from today that I just haven’t had any experience with. I started watching the first episode online and it is… interesting. I will probably check out a few more before I give my final judgement on it.

The rest of the crate was decent with a great T-shirt with the ABCs of geekdom. A Sticker and a Dunny plus a bag rounded out the Crate. I can do without any more bags but I do like the stickers that get made and the Dunny was a pretty cool one. There was also a Catbug bow tie included. Catbug is from Bravest Warriors, I think. I will have to read the free Bravest Warriors digital comic that came with the crate. There was also a pin in the crate. Loot Crate has been making collector’s pins now and there is a new one in each crate.

App Alert: Dinosaur Train A – Z

Pick a Letter off the Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train A-Z AppDinosaur Train is a fun and informative show. There have been a few apps put out around Dinosaur Train but none of them really gave much information about actual dinosaurs. Until now.

We received a code for the Dinosaur Train A-Z app which introduces kids to 26 dinosaurs. Kids can explore information about each dinosaur, feed them their favorite foods and even see what their skeletons would look like. Kids can also favorite dinosaurs for easy retrieval later. There are a couple of ways to use this app.

Probably the way that many younger kids will use the app is to pick a letter off of the Dinosaur Train and learn about the dinosaur that corresponds to that letter. This is probably the simplest way to use the app and it is a very good way to do it. Continue reading App Alert: Dinosaur Train A – Z