The Kids React to Voltron Season 2 Finale

The Kids React to VOLTRON Season 2
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The kids and I watched the last two episodes of Voltron Season 2 tonight. The certainly packed a ton of action into the whole season. We watched as the action got more and more intense from the beginning of episode 12 to the very end of episode 13. I was sort of nervous about the finale because I had heard the possibility of there being a major death in the episode. I can’t say whether or not a death happened but it was intense.

I was also worried because we watched all of Trollhunters together and something really tragic happened at the end of the season. It hit Eva really hard. I was hoping that this wouldn’t be on that same level. They are two separate shows. They have two different vibes. We love the Paladins and we love the Trollhunters. Both finales gave me the chills with the stakes being so high. There were characters that I feared for and some that I cheered for. There were tears and gasps of amazement. I loved the action of Voltron. They really pulled out all the stops on those last episodes. The action was incredible. The kids loved it and the cliffhanger of an ending makes us eager for Season 3.