Getting Creative in the Kitchen with the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Super Science Crate

Marvel Gear and Goods Loot Crate - Super Science
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I am an affiliate and reviewer of Loot Crate. This Marvel Gear + Goods Box was sent to me for free to review. Opinions are 100% our own.

The Marvel Gear + Goods came with some great stuff in it like a Black Panther Apron, Modok Ice Cube Maker, Hank Pym Beaker, Ultron Pin and the best piece a set of 4 snack plates depicting Totally Awesome Hulk, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and Iron Man.

We had a lot of fun showing everyone what was in the Crate. Andrew and Allison even made a plate of Squirrel Girl’s Unbeatable Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. They certainly look good on the Ant-Man plate or even the Spider-Man plate. Even though Andrew thinks plates are boring, see the video. He was excited when I told him that he can use these plates for his lunch each day. He found that to be more exciting.

I decided that instead of just making an ice cube in the shape of Modok that I would get out my gummie making equipment and make some lemon gummie mix to fill the Modok Mold. The back of the mold came out great but the front, not so much. I can tell you exactly what happened. I filled up the mold and then tried to move it. I squished it and out came a bunch of mixture so there wasn’t enough all through the mold. I’ll have to make a better one sometime.

The whole crate is really fantastic, so many special items for the kitchen for any Marvel fan! If you are so inclined to start a subscription to the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods then place use my affiliate link and I think my discount code of BENSPARK can help you out as well.

Marvel Gear + Goods

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Can You Fight the Temptation to Cheat? – #StreamTeam

Incidents of cheating are on the rise. People are cheating on their spouses, kids and friends. Some people are unabashedly cheating and some are trying to do it covertly. No matter how they do it and to whom they do it to, cheating is increasing. I’m not talking about marital infidelity, I’m talking about Netflix infidelity. With so many binge-worthy shows on Netflix it can often be hard not to cheat. I know that I struggle with this often. I usually have more time to watch shows that Allison does. I can watch shows as I work, on nights when she is out, right before I sleep for the day on the weekends and during my breaks at work. Allison has time to herself when I am at work or out filming Built from Bricks or SteamDads.

We have a core of shows that we watch together. Those ones that are most important to watch together we make sure to watch together. The hard part is when a show may contain major developments and we want to make sure that we are not spoiled. If we have to wait till after most people have watched it, then it makes avoiding spoilers so much more difficult.

With Netflix it makes trying not to cheat even harder. Full seasons get released and when that happens so many possible spoilers are out there that it makes it hard to go slow with a season. I ran into that issue during the most recent season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. I wanted to know how it all ended for the season but made the choice to watch it with the kids because it was something that they really enjoyed. I couldn’t go and watch it without them, even though they did it to me with Skylanders Academy. But, two wrongs don’t make a right so I made sure that we only watched Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender together. Finding a show that both kids love and can enjoy together with me is a big deal. With a four year difference between them and different tastes, finding something we can all agree on is a challenge so when we do it is important to experience it together. It is not like I would go watching the show while they slept.

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