#Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Superhero Showdowns

Bullseye and Daredevil
Photo-A-Day #4334

My latest Marvel Collector Corps box arrived today. I tried doing a traditional unboxing but that feel by the wayside when the camera would not focus properly. I did a few things to compensate for it and I hope that you like the way this video came out. I had to film in between the kids screaming and yelling while playing Hide and Seek.

This is a great box with so many cool things inside. I think this is one of my absolute favorites so far. That is, until the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 box arrives. I can’t wait to see what is inside that.

As far as this box is concerned, ti was filled with so many cool things. There were Pops, A Special Comic Book, A great patch and Pin as well as a tshirt and other surprises. I buy this myself and so it is good to get some great value from it.