The First Day of Summer 2017

First Day of Summer
Photo-A-Day #4453

On the first day of Summer Andrew is not feeling himself at all. He’s lethargic and not interested in eating. He says that his legs are tired. We didn’t go to Karate because of this and instead I took Eva out for some Father/Daughter time for ice cream. I was going to take the whole family, but again, Andrew not feeling quite right. We were concerned so much that I slept ont he floor of his room overnight in case he got up and got sick. Probably not the best place to sleep if we thought he’d get sick but just to be close enough so that I could do something if he needed me.

Taking Eva out for Ice Cream was nice. We had some really good bonding time together. I wish that I could spend much more time with her. She is such a sensitive soul and so passionate for things that she loves. She’s taken to Stop Motion with her LEGO bricks and it is very cool. I need to spend more time with her on helping her improve her skills. She has great ideas but needs help on some execution and technique. She has no shortage of ideas.

Tonight I unboxed a few things that came in the mail. I backed a Kickstarter for a thing called the MicRig. This finally arrived and it is pretty decent. I also got my Marvel Unlimited 3 year gift box, it has some cool stuff inside. Take a look in the video.