Post July 4th Water Balloon Fight 640 Balloons

Epic Water Balloons
Photo-A-Day #4467

Each year, the thing I want to do most for Father’s Day is have a water balloon/Squirt Gun fight. This year it didn’t work out for the actual day however, we had our giant epic water balloon fight today on the Cape. I had picked up three packages of the Red White and Blue Bunch O’Balloons at Target and had some other colors from last year. I also had a package of 265 water balloons that the kids and Allison got me for Father’s Day. We are saving that package for a later date.

This year I did not put all the water balloons all over the place. Rather, I filled them all up right in the wagon so they were easy to move. If we do another one of these we’ll do it at the beach. We’ll just have to bring a rake and sand sifter to gather all the broken balloons when we are done.

It has been nice to stay down the Cape these past few days. Both Allison and I miss our bed at home although I tend to sleep later at the Cape, but I pay for it when my back hurts.

We got Paul’s pizza for dinner tonight. It is my favorite when we are there. I can eat a ton of it because it is so good, but it gets expensive.

We’ve had some great porch time and beach time, too. The fireworks last night were great. We enjoyed them very much.