LEGO Stop Motion Test with Battle Suit NEXO Knights

NEXO Knights with Stop Motion Studios
Photo-A-Day #4471

I’ve been creating more Stop Motion movies lately. I use Stop Motion Studio and LEGO bricks to make the Stop Motion Movies. The other day I found some LEGO NEXO Knights on clearance at Target. I picked them up because they have many movable joints and that looked like they would be great for stop motion. The joints and the ability to move them around works amazing for stop motion but the problem I have is that the bottom of the feet are smooth and do not stick to the studs on the plates. I had to find some other LEGO bricks to attach to the back of the character’s feet.

This solution made it possible to secure the character to the green base plate, slightly. I need to make sure that when I making stop motion videos that I am on a secure base plate. The one I used was on a smooth surface and therefore it moved around, too. The smaller bricks that attached to the back of the character’s feet weren’t exactly secure. The screen test below isn’t the best, but by the time I got to the last character I found a rhythm to it. I really like how I did the sword rattling the shield. That was fairly smooth. I’ll keep working on how to make the movements more natural looking and I want to create an epic fight for Built from Bricks.