Yeah, It’s That Good!

Pauls Pizza
Photo-A-Day #4487

We had Paul’s Pizza tonight on The Cape. It was the nicest day all week. It was actually perfect beach weather. After two days of rain and gloom we had a great day of sun. I went over to the beach and staked out a location right close to the water’s edge. The beach had been cleaned that morning and the water was nice and calm. You could even walk out a little ways on a sort of sandbar. I took Andrew over in the morning. Just the two of us before lunch and before I went to drive Eva to Science School.

We had a lot of fun together. I brought over a Bunch O Balloon’s water blaster. You can use it to fill up balloons but you can also use it to fire a blast of water at people. Andrew had it and I kept playing at being a big monster coming to get him. He’d blast me and I would pretend to die in slow motion and fall into the water. This brought on tons of giggle fits from Andrew. Then I’d grab the blaster from him and blast him back. We had fun and giggle fits and it was a great moment for bonding. We also didn’t bother any other people because we were the only ones in the water at that time.

I took Eva to Science School and realized that I had no change for the parking so I went back into Falmouth and I stopped at the Dollar Store and Christmas Tree Shops. I was on the lookout for Whiffle Balls because my nephew cranks them over the fence (he’s 4) and we lose a lot of them. I found 3 for a dollar.

Back to pick up Eva and then home to enjoy the beach again, this time with cousins and friends. We enjoyed the beach for the afternoon, it got crowded. Maybe it felt like that because there was a group that kept encroaching on us in the water. They were playing catch with a ball and hit me with it once. If it happened a second time I was going to throw it out to the buoy. I had little patience for that.

That night we had pizza from Paul’s Pizza (photo above) and when that was over a friend of mine from college came over.

My friend Brendan was on my floor my Freshman year. We have kept in touch through Facebook over the years. He messaged me yesterday to ask what there was to do in Falmouth when it rained. I asked if he was here and it turns out that he was here for the week with his family. We had to get together so tonight we had beers on the porch and talked. It was a great night for that and we had fun catching back up together. I only regret not getting a photo together to mark the occasion.

LEGO Worlds adds Classic Space DLC Pack

Spaceman Blue on Buggy with Spaceman White

LEGO Worlds now lets you jet out into Space with the Classic Space bricks. Players can enjoy the cold void of space with super happy LEGO characters and their spaceships, rovers and more. They can even discover alien lifeforms as they explore. The characters are the red, blue and white astronauts and then look like they are having a great time in the video below.

LEGO Worlds Classic Space DLC Pack Now Available

The Iconic Pack Adds Intergalactic Exploration and Adventure
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced that the Classic Space Pack, the first downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds, is now available for $3.99.

The Classic Space Pack will include brand new quests, characters, builds, and vehicles from your favorite LEGO Space playsets. Players can blast off and explore the farthest reaches of space and embark on new adventures together as they travel across Worlds in a new space-themed PUG-Z, land the one-man spaceship on the new Space Theme World, or build a customized Space Station with Rocket Launchers in the new Moon biome!

LEGO Worlds is a galaxy of imaginative worlds made of digital LEGO bricks where players can explore, discover and create together. The game is currently available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and STEAM and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch™ in Fall 2017.

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